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Winter-proofing your hair.

....and here it is full blown autumn heading into Winter!

Not sure how it all happened but in 4 weeks time it will be Christmas and we sure can tell with the festive adverts in full swing, we got a penguin, A ginger stall, Fairies... but my favourite has got to be the Sainsbury's War Truce ad.... it just pulls all the right strings really.... plus there is Otto!

Christmas for us hair stylists is as you can imagine a manic time as we try to juggle between a busy work diary and try to squeeze a social life too!

Since our last blog we had some more busy times, more recently had a fab shoot for quality accessories brand Likemary ( Now being a rooftop shoot sounds cool and fun, however when there is a sudden turn of weather to crispier temperatures - it does become a little bit more challenging! - probably a little bit more for the model - thankfully she had quite a few lovely shawls to cosy up with!

But how do we winter-proof our hair? - here are a few tips!

1, As nice as it feels to have boiling hot showers when it's cold, Your scalp is not very fond of those very high temperatures - in fact constantly washing the hair with very warm water can lead to a dry itchy scalp, and apart from being uncomfortable it can also be hugely embarassing! - Now do not go the other way and start having freezing showers - that will just give you a cold! - The whole idea that cold rinses gives you shiny hair is just a myth! (sorry to burst your bubble!)

2. Accessorising is not just for looks (well it is - really!) but during the winter months hats can also double as good protection from the elements that we get battered with - wind, rain and snow (depending which part of the world you are in!) - Getting the right hats play quite a part and quality truly is better than quality here - essentially wool though great to keep us warm can also cause friction with the hair and though minor, can cause breakage - good quality wool hats will be softer on the hair. Look at that little label, or ask what it is made of - synthetics are a no-go area which will give you fluffy hair full of static. Hats with a satin or silk lining will always be the more gentle on your head.

3. Just like we need to nourish our hair in the summer months because of the sun and sea drying our hair - just when you think your hair is finally gonna get a break you get wind, frost when you are out, and the dry heat from when you are in-doors! weekly deep conditioning treatments will help support your hair's defence.

4. Of course go see your hair stylist and cut those split ends! nothing better than a regular trim to keep your hair in great condition! - top that with a deep conditioning treatment or some gloss and you are giving some serious hair heaven to that mane of yours!

Till next time .... Keep Warm!!

HCS xx

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