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Ladies Cut & Finish               - from £75
Mens Cut & Finish                -        £48

Blowdry                             - from £40
Styling (including upstyles)     - from  £55

Olaplex colour upgrade              - £30
Olaplex 1&2 in salon treatment    - £45
Olaplex express                        - £25
1 & 2 + a blowdry package       - £70

(The Ground-breaking Bond multiplying and hair re-texturising treatment that is a must have for anyone looking for results and condition at the same time)

Please note Olaplex prices above are add-ons (apart from the blowdry package)
Must be paired with a colour or cutting service.

At Hair Colour Studio we love colour - it kind of is our thing! We love creating Natural looking Luxe Locks - Hair that is visibly luxurious to compliment the client's skin tone, bone structure and style.

Sexy with sophistication, Natural but with a little help from your colourist....

All our services that involve bleach come with lisaplex bond saver included in the price.
All services can however be upgraded to Olaplex. (at a cost)

Baby Balayage

We love marrying techniques and we are currently loving this!  - Baby Lights (in foil) are given that extra oomph by interweaving some free-hand balayage techniques for a softer more natural result than your standard Balayage.

                                                                - £160

Scatter Lights

Our trade mark system of tailor-made placed highlights - less linear and much finer than the standard ones giving you a much more natural look with plenty of movement.  Great for making your regrowth a less stressful affair!

                                                           -       £140


The Old faithful - From re-touching your roots to a full coverage tint, great for depth and shine with a range of colours. 


                                              Re-growth  -         £65

                                              Full tint      -  from £90                                                                 


Techniques and trends come and go, but nothing gives
you natural looking multi-tonal hair than a good set of

Partial Lights                                          -     from £95
Half head                                                     - £130

Full head                                                      - £150
uring/Money Piece                               -    £50

Please note the above prices do not include a toner.

Toner                                                    -         £30
Toner + Blow dry refresh                                   - £75


Chromecasting is a fully free-hand technique: After applying the root area with one colour the length of the hair is treated with a variety of shades and tones to add depth with clevely placed accents and nuances.
                                                                 - from £125

Free hand Techniques

Making way for your Colourists full creativity, free hand techniques such as Balayage have been around for ages, but have become more popular in recent years and evolved in newer ones.

Balayage                                                      - from £160
Sunlighting (add on to tints)                                        £75

            Amonia-free Colour


Straight from the labs of Lisap in Milan comes Absolute Easy - a colouring system that is not only permanent and Ammonia-Free but also free of the Chemicals one is likely to be allergic to.


The product gives rich, silky and shiny results (with Keratin and Argan Oil incorporated), while giving total client comfort - with no un-pleasant smells and sensation free!

Specialist treatments

Brazilian Smoothing                                  - from £200

Colour Correction                                     - p.o.c


Company policies

Consultations / Deposit

At Hair Colour Studio we do not book a new client for a colour service without a consultation first. During the consultation we discuss the desired colour and how to achieve it, quote you the price and more importantly perform a patch test to check for allergies. 

Consultations are free, though a deposit is required to secure your appointment for the colour service. Deposits are offset from the final bill, and are refundable should one cancel prior to 48 hours. But can be kept in case of a no show or a late cancellation.

If for any reason you are not able to make your appointment please give us 48 hours notice when possible. This is not a telling-off, it's common courtesy to your stylist and other clients that may need an appointment on that day. We thank you in advance.

The human race come in many different shapes and sizes, and it is no different with hair if you are remarkably folllicly blessed with  lot of hair or very long, there may be an extra charge to your bill.


Extra bit....

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