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Cut and Style
Men's grooming has evolved dramatically in the last few years.
Men take a lot more pride in their image, and know fully well that a quick nip down the barber just won't cut it anymore!
Going to a new hair stylist can always be a bit intimidating, for that reason many guys may opt to keep a style because they do not know how to explain any different.
At Hair Colour Studio we like to have a quick chit chat before just bringing out the scissors and the clippers, to tailor-make the cut.
Understanding the person sitting in the chair.



Colour for men is a common occurance. Can be from subtle very natral high-lights to total grey coverage as well as subtle low-lights to break-up grey, or to deepen a natural tone.


Of course with Men's colour the key is to try and keep it natural.


That's unless you are opting for a bold statement colour of course.

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