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The Salon

We want your stay at The Studio to be an experience, so apart from the main event (that's the hair) expect a warm welcome and friendly pampering.


For all of you who take your coffee seriously we offer the beautifully smooth Crema e Aroma Lavazza Coffee served Bean to Cup from our Delonghi Coffee machine in all popular varieties (Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Mocha etc...)


For those a bit more health-inclined, the complimentary menu also includes a wide selection of Herbal and fruit teas - We can't seem to keep up with our Green and Peppermint Tea! 


For something a bit different and refreshing apart from the old faithful H20 one can also find Lemongrass & Ginger and Eldeflower water.


For anyone feeling a bit more indulgent you can try our Belgian Hot Chocolate.

Carefully selected music is something we take pride in. Shazam away while at the salon, or take a look at our music page for a preview...

For all of you needing to get some work done during your stay at the salon, Wifi is available and usb ports to charge your phone or laptop etc. are available at each station.

Basically all the stations can pretty much double-up as a desk, treat it as your own personal work space.... with something to drink...and the added bonus of someone doing your hair! .......(since you are working from 'home' today!) 

... or if you just wanna chill, go for it! - grab a magazine (plenty of those too!)

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