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What is Contouring

So we have been mentioning contouring in our last few blogs - and yes, we have been going a bit contouring crazy at the Hair Colour Clinic, but with a trend that works for every face shape it is difficult to let it all slip by - especially when a technique so simple can make such a difference!

So this month we decided to give you a proper in depth explanation of the hottest trend at the moment!

So what is Hair Contoruing?

Well just like the contouring trend with make-up the same basis is used for hair colour. It is in fact a combination of free hand or highlighting techniques using carefully positioned tones and depths around the face to give different results and optical illusions to compliment the bone structure and facial features, making your face appear more defined.

The 100% bespoke hair technique means it will suit every face shape making it a sure winner for the festive season.

So how does it work for each face shape?

Well if you have an oval face shape you are pretty much in possession of the Holy Grail in hair terms - a bit like the elusive perfect hour glass figure in fashion styling, the oval face shape suits any kind (or most) of hair styles - so contouring here can be used freely...

As much as it is all rosy for Oval faces, the rest of us need a bit of a helping contouring hand...

Round faces will need to have brightness added at the top while adding depth and tone to the ends to slim down the bottom half of the face creating a softer more flattering shape - govong the illusion of a more oval face shape.

With Oblong faces it is all about making the face look shorter - this is achieved by applying deeper tones at the roots especially along the parting with deeper tones on the top section and pairing them with lighter tones from the ears through to the tips.

A square face mostly needs softening, so a delicate placing of multi-tonal baby lights are scattered around all the corners of the face shape softening the strong jawline.

A Heart face shape will need lighter tones on the bottom section adding fine woven lights while keeping a richer tone at the top works best.

Of course these are all just generic guidelines, you should always ask your stylist about new techniques. Apart from the placement of light and dark shades one must take into consideration the skin tone to find what really compliments.

Quite a few of you have tried contouring in-salon - but if you have not taken the plunge yet, speak to your stylist for a bespoke festive uplift!


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