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The Hottest Colours for Autumn 2018

Hair Colour Trends this year got a little bit warmer, which quite frankly after all the obsession with Grey and Silver tones it was quite a welcome change.

And with Autumn very much round the corner as always warm tones reign supreme.

It is no secret that Summer is probably our favourite season - but at Hair Colour Studio when it comes to hair colour - our favourite season is most certainly Autumn!

The season already gives you such a gorgeous palette of earthy tones that all you need is to look around for inspiration!

But we are making it a bit easier with a round up of the seven really hot colours to look for and try! this coming season.

#1. Fruit Punch

This look is super pretty, and even though the base of this colour is berry, peach and strawberry it is also fully customizable by adding more or less of the tones. It is also a great way to introduce pastel tones without going for the full bleach out. What one must keep in mind though is once fade does happen, you will need to tone with one colour so choose well which would be the one you would prefer, and ask the stylist for visable contrast between the shades.

#2. Old Rose Gold

Rose Gold has been with us for a while, but the trendy pastel sported by many a millenial has taken a step into maturity and got a bit more level-headed - dare we say grown-up? It's a more natural version of something that so far has been, well, un-natural!

#3. Baby balayage.

Yes it is once again another hybrid - but you know we love them!

It is great to see this getting the right nod it deserves. At HCS we have been doing these for ages especially as it is the best way to soften an old and tired Ombre.

Baby lights are added to the top section in foils while the ends are lightened with a balayage technique. This can work with pretty much any tone. Great way to soften your look without having the major maintenance that regular highlights can create.

#4. Sombre

This was bound to happen.... We always love a trend to then wanna take a total detour from it, but once we are at it let's also give it a trendy name - and so Sombre was born.

If you already have an ombre or a balayage this is super easy, just tone down the already lightened bits with shades of warm brown such as Chestnut, Maple or Chocolate.

If you have dark hair you just need to lighten lightly.

This is a great way to start your journey into colour if you are someone with naturally dark hair and want a bit of a change.

#5. Ronze

And another (supposedly clever) trendy name - to be honest we absolutely hate it - that's the name not the colour.

Ronze is a mix of Copper and Bronze, it works with a multitude of complexions from the pale porcelain skin to a mediterranean olive one. Great for Autumn of course.... let's just give it a different name!... Just call it what it really is - Auburn (rolls eyes)

#6. Chestnut hair

This is a great tone that is very often overlooked by most brunettes. Chestnut creates a great in between of warm but not too red, but still gives enough warmth for the winter months to flatter , especially darker complexions.

It will also create a great base colour to add highlights once the warmer months set in! Adding honey blonde will be a sure winner...

#7. Honey Blush hair

We love love love this.... the best way to revive and warm up your tired blonde tresses with a bit more pazzas... whether it's toning a lighter shade of blonde, or lightening a medium or light brown this mix of light copper honey tones and pinks will brighten your look all the way through the winter months.

This looks great in both light as well as darker versions.

With something for everyone Autumn has never felt more welcome!

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