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Stuck in the MIDI with you.

Have you been feeling tired of your long hair that does nothing to you, and you end up tying it up most of the time?

perhaps it is time to consider a good chop!

And there is no better time to do it than right now, not just because the temperatures are getting warmer and we are (hopefully) heading towards summer - but because the hottest length to have right now is the mid-length.

Also known as the midi, for obvious reasons - the once limbo stage of in-between hair has been given the cool tag - which also means if you are growing out that bob it is likely to be less painful at the moment.

Loads of A-list celebrities have adopted the trend lately....

Let's start with someone who really does deserve the title of fashion Icon - Kate Moss

Whatever this girl does all will pretty much follow, and when it comes to the tousled look she has got it down to an art form.

Here she is smoldering in this David Yurman campaign with yes you guessed it - a Midi Cut.

The trend has been also called the 'Lob', as in long bob (I prefer the Midi by a mile though) just in case you wanna attack google for more references! - In the meantime here are some of our faves....

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking amazing - we love everything about this the cut, the colour as well as the styling - this is how to make a mid-length sexy!

The style is great even if you fancy having a fringe too!

A bit more girl next door, but still very fiery this auburn fantasy from Emma Stone is HOT.

Jennifer Lawrence's take on the trend goes a bit bolder by marrying it with the Vanilla colour trend.

Talking about the Vanilla Colour trend, here is one we did in-salon recently....and with a Midi too!

Those with darker tresses should be taking inspiration from Jessica Alba's uplight Ombre look - so flattering for darker tones while giving light around the face with warm tones that flatter.

If you want to go bold with a dark complexion here is how you create something un-natural to flatter your complexion anyway this Cool Beige tone from J-Lo is just stunning - though one must be warned - this colour needs a lot of work with contouring make-up to create the contrast needed.

But just in case you started to think the mid-length is just about natural tones, take a look at Kelly Osbourne in this Smokey Grey tone at the Stella McCartney show in L.A.

Grey colours were in fact quite a thing last season - but the real hot trend for bold colours right now is DENIM!

Yes you heard that right, denim....

think of any shade of denim colour from the Indigo tones to the pale bleached up ones - you can have double denim.... hell, you can have even triple denim now by matching your hair to your favourite denim jacket or jeans!

Here's a couple we did in-salon recently....

The mid-length makes it an easy gamble to take, because if you fancy long hair again, all it takes is a few months to get back to it.... if on the other hand yu would be enjoying the shorter haired you,...a bob is just a cut away!

Talking about bobs.... we must give Taylor Swift a nod for this!

Looking great in her shoot for this May edition of Vogue.

Are you feeling bold enough?

Till next time....


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