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Spring/Summer Hair Colour trends for 2023

Hey everyone....

Can you feel the buzz in the UK?

We got Eurovision on the way and I can hardly conatin that excitement.... May is always a happy time for many queens!

Talking about queens - let's talk royalty with the sad passing of the Queen, we are now gearing up for the Coronation of the new Monarch (the now King) Charles.... and there sure a buzz in the Uk.

Better weather would always help - but we know that there will probably a sudden change and smack bang it actually is spring or summer.... who know!?

But to get us ready for all those possible eventualities let's run through those hot colour shades you want to be looking for this season.

Lunar Blone

Even though the name would suggest something silvery this is a rather soft tone of blonde - still sitting on a slightly more ashy side it is a far more creamier result as you have golden tones mixed in to create something sitting comfortably in the middle of the silver and gold spectrum - but ashier than the current favoutrite Sandy Brown.

But with Kloe Kardashian and Zara Larsson already sporting the new shade we see this look turning up quicker than the next lunar cycle!

Chunky 90s Highlights

I think I may have a bit of a love hate relationship with this... that is clearly dictated by the fact that this was round the time I started hair-dressing - and yes we loved it - everybody wanted to be like one of the girls from All Saints... Problem is as the years went by things moved into finer highlights and the chunky highlights were relegated to something that would be more associated to a hair colour disaster.

But 2 decades later they are becoming trendy again - and probably it is because the ones sporting them do not remember then first time round... but come on - everyone deserves a second chance!

Bamboo Blonde

This is the soft variation of the season - together with the Sandy blonde that is not going anywhere this is your go to for blondes that do not want the crazy upkeep.

Taking inspiration from the calming tones of mother nature - golden blondes are married with tones of oat and beige.

To keep this tone looking great you will want regular treating and regular salon visits for tone - or invest in a good toning mask or conditioner such as Wella's colour fresh mask or Lisap's re-fresh tones in Caramel Glaze or sand respectively.

Ri-Ri Red

2023 is all about Rihanna - lauded for her superbowl performance while preggers (I mean who does that!?) and gracing the cover of British Vogue we have been reminded why she has always been our girl-crush...

But let's face it there is no colour that spells Rihanna then that deep yet bright Ri-Ri red....

Literally like the only girl in the world!


Before anyone thinks that we forgot our brunette friends - we did not.

Brunettes this season are gonna be full of dimension - and quite frankly gonna make us hungry all season...

Brownie highlights

This is aseriously yummy shades - chocolate and hazel tones are interweaved in highlights or balayage for depth that creates tones that compliment each other creating a full fat scrumptuos multi-tonal colour that you'll just be happy it is calorie-free!

Coco Lights

Warm Golden tones and Chocolate are given the summer treat...

Why do I suddenly really want a Bounty!?

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