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Epres - the new holy grail

Remember circa summer of 2015 when the buzz word on everyone's lips was Olaplex?

The name associated with that buzz word was also Doctor Eric Preslsy the magician - no sorry -scientist, that created this magic elixir that we all wanted to get our hands on - especially when we got to know it was the catalyst of having Kim Kardashian go platinum blonde to the hands of Chris Apleton.

But our big question was who is Dr. Presley?

Dr. E. Preslsy first discovered his talent for innovation while pursuing a Ph.D in materials science. He worked on everything from developing life-saving pharmaceuticals to inventing the bond-building category (all the plexes for you and I) category in haircare - which is of course just as life-saving!

Now Dr. Pressly is taking hair science to the next level with Epres.

Epres is the first breakthrough , one step bonding treatment for deep, lasting repair of chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.

What sets Epres apart from all the other bond building products on the market is that unlike all the plexes in the world this one is completely acid-free.

Acid? I hear you say - yes it is pretty much in most products which tends to then effect the natural PH balance of the hair - this is not just done for no reason it is used to then make keratin bonds to repair the hair. The only problem with that is that overloading the hair with such bond-builders will eventually weaken the hair and cause it to break - so in a way a bit counterproductive if one goes overboard with it all.

The difference with Epres is that it is ph-neutral making it easier to sink into hair and works particularly well on coloured and chemically treated hair... and it also keeps working once in the hair.

At Hair Colour Studio we also tried it on Curly tired hair - and we could see a very clear difference in the curl - it was definitely more alive and bouncier after just one application.

That is in fact a recurring amazement at the salon - the results that you get straight away with just one application of Epres... we can't wait to see what hair is like after months of usage.

This has caused us to need to make 3 orders in one month as it has been flying off our shelves!

...And the best part it is so simple to use!

The home starter kit comes with a spray bottle for life - and 2 vials (which should last a good 4 months).

Pour contents of one concentrate vial into the spray bottle. Fill with water, attach the sprayer and shake well.

Spray product onto hair until fully saturated. Leave on for at least 10 minutes . (If you can even longer - Clients that have been sleeping in it are having great results) then wash and dry/style as usual.

Use 1-2 times a week to restore stronger, softer healthier hair.


Epres is in stock in-salon at Hair Colour Studio, as well as our brand new online shop.

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