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Ageless hair

Aging. No one likes it.

A survey found that British Women deem the right age to loose their locks and go short is 46!!

At Hair Colour Studio we definitely do not believe in a specific number, like a sell-by-date, how depressing would that be!  


We believe and know that every person is an individual!


Short does not necessarily suit everyone, plus there are bobs and there are mid-lengths that work too! 
Another important factor that one must not forget is that today's 40, 50, and 60+ ladies are nothing like their counterparts of yesteryear - they are Sassy and still Sexy!

But we can all get stuck in a rut sometimes and we need a fresh pair of eyes to point out where we may be going wrong. 


If this is you, book in to see us for a free consultation* (and makeover if it is needed) to up-date your looks, to get that extra boost, or simply make those pesky grays a bit easier to handle!

We love a pick-me-up through hair..... and our clients seem to agree....

What did they say?

"For a while I did not know what to do with my hair, my grays were showing too quickly that I was resorting to colouring my roots every 3 weeks! I got in touch to see if I could go a bit lighter. To my surprise I was told I could go dramatically lighter, I never thought I could be a blonde but I have now been so for 2 years, I book in for my roots every 6 weeks and I still get compliments to date.  

Going to these guys was the best decision ever!"

                       - Sarah

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