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Autumn is here - and Bob's your uncle

Are you ready for the chop?

Is it time to give those tired tresses a serious break (into the bin)... ?

well this is most certainly the right time to do it as the bob is going to reign supreme this season!

If you think about it a bob could not serve you better in the winter months, it looks great with pretty much any hat, from a baseball cap to a french Beret.... errmm even a crown - thank you Rihanna!

It doesn't get in the way of your scarves, roll necks and does not get caught in your collars / bag straps etc either!

Of course if something like a bob becomes super fashionable it means we will have variations to suit face shapes and tastes - and there are plenty to choose from....


Le Petit Bob

It's cute, it's sharp and yes you've guessed it it's french!

Le Petit bob is just a little bit shorter than your average bob with a slight angle at the nape and plenty of texture for movement but still super sharp the ends. Occasionally also called the mini bob this is quite a statement piece - Paris may be the city of love and we are most certianly amoreaux with this look!

With both Lilly ALlen and Willow Smith sporting this we are expecting the fashionistas to follow!

The Italian bob

This is a longer version of a bob full of movement and full of glamour.

Think about all those Italian Screen Sirens from Sophia Lauren to Monica belluci...

It's mainly side parted with plenty of volume serving sex appeal by the bucket loads.

The Lob

It is back! - The lob made quite a splash a few years back - and now it is most certainly here to stay.

It is a slightly softer version of the sharper bobs this season and a good way to tap into the season's trend without the commitment of the shorter version.

The style suits rounder faces more and can also be worn both wavy and super sleep straight.

You can also start with this, get comfortable with shorter hair and then take the plunge to the shorter versions!

The Bixie

Yes you've guessed it! - it is a cross between a bob and a pixie haircut.

and let's face it no self-respecting trend would not have a hybrid catchy nae - right?

If you are growing out a pixie haircut chances are you are already heading in this direction and you can always pop to your hair stylist for a tidy up into the trend.

If you are feeling adventurous and up for a super change... this is it.

The great thing about the Bixie is that it works on all textures, the secret is having the right products to add and define texture - from putties to clay... that can also be mixed with serum for high shine this is a style that can be dressed up and down as you please!

So ... which bob do you dare?


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