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Biscuits anyone?

The Colour trend that is set to dominate 2024 is as yummy as they come!

Biscuit Brunette is going to be everywhere this year! and for good reason, as this is a trend that pretty much suits all skin tones.

Of course like most colour trends it can be tweaked to suit the person too - because let's face it you have Digestives, Biscoff or Jaffa cakes.....

But what is biscuit brunette really?

Biscuit brunette is basically the lighter spectrum of the brunette shade - we could call it beige - but we all know what connotations that holds really....

The reason why Biscuit Brunette works so well with various skin tones is that it sits comfortably in between warm and cool shades. Even though it is a neutral tone so not quite gold - but not much cool tones either, it is likely to be enjoyed by someone who tends to prefer warm tones in their hair....

and with celebs like J-Lo and Halle Berry already adopting the trend - this is going nowhere

so, are you dunkin?

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