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Owning the Xmas party: 6 easy to do festive hair

The Festive season - love it or loathe it, chances are you will have a Xmas party or two... and then it all begins, what dress to wear, or should I wear trousers? or maybe a suit. or a glitzy number? oh and what shoes?.... WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE of those options - Oh, and what coat to make my grand entrance....

And what the @*£!&% am I gonna do with my hair!

Well, in true Xmas spirit here at the Hair Colour Studio - we are being nice to others... so here is a round up of some great festive hair that is easy enough for you to do at home....

#1 - The Sade

Chances are anyone under 30 years of age might have no clue about the reference... but you should definitely google the 80's pop star.... (stir away from 'Marquis De Sade' - that's something totally different).... Apart from giving us some serious suave sophisticated tracks, Sade, who herself was a model prior to her musical stardom gave us this effortlessly Chic slicked back pony with a braid that said: 'I'm here and I demand your undivided attention'. The good news is that it is as easy as it sounds! Because sometimes simple works a treat - just remember to use a gel that is not crunchy for slicking the hair back.

So, let's go for a more contemporary starlet for all you under 30s.... (and the gays)

#2 - Half up- half-down

.....aka the Arianna.... I've never been much of a fan (both the singer and the hair) but no one can deny the unbelievable power and impact this has had in the world the last few years, again both hair and popstar.... This sweet yet Sassy style looks great and easy enough to do. Take diagonals from the front of your hair to your crown on both sides and secure the section with a ponytail. Once it is secure lift the ponytail and tease it quite a few times at the base to create volume. make sure you keep some hair aside to conceal the rubber band.

Just remember - unless you have masses of hair or you are ready to put in some clip in extensions this is not the style for you, as the flimsy version will look more like Vicky Pollard.

#3 - The Top-Knot

The constant champion of easy yet chic hair favoured by many runways and models in the last few years, the Top-Knot is always a clear winner. But with 2 very distinct styles which one will you choose? - you can go for the all sleek ballerina style which oozes high fashion or go for a more messy bun which can be easily achieved by adding a texturising spray to your hair prior to styling.

#4 - Accessorize

No matter what length is your hair accessorizing it is the quintessential holiday season must have - it is elevating your hair to true festive sparkle if you want your hair to truly shine.

Hair clips are everywhere this Autumn/Winter and the best way to finish your style - we are absolutely loving statement pieces... Because who said your hair can't talk the talk?

Unless you are The Queen ... or a queen from RuPaul's drag race the chances of wearing a Tiara or crown is not quite a daily occurrence - but what better time to amp things up then Xmas season?

And if you are not the glam type and want a more edgy look take inspiration from Kristen Stewart with some railroad pins..

#5 Dee-Lite-ful Lob

So you cut your hair in a lob this summer and you like it but now the party season is here and you feel like you can't diversify from the look - wrong!

Switch it up by simply flicking up those ends for a psychedelic jazzy mane... like Lady Miss Kier..

Or even add bling to it just like Keke Palmer here....

#6 side-swept curls/waves

Side swept pretty much everything is huge right now and it can be as glam or as grundgey as you want it....

Granted this may take you a little more time than making a cup of tea but let's face it you get the effort you put into it! - Bring out that Wand that has been gathering dust in the corner and unleash your inner Hogwarth's style guru!

Once you go through winding all the hair run a wide-toothed comb through it and then push it to the side. use grips to keep them in place... and if you fancy accessorize that side too!

and lastly what you should NOT do... do not go overboard with your Xmas spirit - leave that for the vodka/Gin...or whatever is your favourite tipple!

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