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Is your hair summer-in-the-city ready?

Summer in the city!

Some will say it's a nightmare, but if I had to choose between a dreary grey wash-out and bright hot sunny days and evenings, I know exactly what I would choose!

Let's face it everyone seems to be much happier when the city is basking in the sun, but how are we faring with having summer-ready hair?

When it is swelteringly hot a sweaty scalp and wet roots is never a good look! and patting constantly with a tissue is really not very flattering while flirting with a colleague prosecco in hand!

Dry Shampoo is your real Knight in Shining armour.

Keeping a mini dry shampoo in your bag is a proper summer essential. Lightly sprizzing at the root and combing through the hair will help you keep the root and scalp nice and dry, absorbing excess oil while also keeping some volume going.

There are loads of of dry shampoos out there to choose from.... but here are 3 of our favourites....

Sebastian's Drynamic has been around for a while. Like most Sebastian products styling is everything - the whole range which is very focused for the session stylist is an essential for the fashion forward girl. A bit stronger than some others on the market, but great if your hair is particularly greasy.

Do you dream of big hair but yours is just fine and limp? Puff me is the answer! it is the first and original volumizing powder spray in a pump. Puff Me creates instant volume on damp or dry hair. It is small and fits neatly in your handbag along with your other beauty essentials. Great for fine hair.

Bumble and Bumble's net-a-powder is a firm favourite with many glossy magazines and for good reason, this multi-purpose dry shampoo volumises and revitalizes while giving texture to hair in a sprizz giving it an overall boost. Great for updos this lightweight powder is great to re-energize hair between washes.

The Maria Nila powder spray is our overall winner. It Instantly freshens up greasy hair, but can also be used to add volume to fine hair. It also comes with a colour guard complex as well as protection from UV Rays! On top of that it is also sulfate and parabens free, and like all Maria Nila products it is Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% Co2 compensated.


When it's super hot the last thing you want is hair stuck to your face and getting that fringe off your face becomes of imperative importance, and while dry shampoos can help, putting it entirely away will always be amazing....

a mini fringe braid is a life saver!

Start by spraying some dry shampoo and blowdry lightly for volume and more hold, a deeper parting than your usual tends to be more flattering for most face shapes. Start with 2 strands and cross them over and add hair to the strands as you go left to right or vice versa. finish off with a securing with a hair-pin or accessorize with a more striking clip.

Another easy style for summer is the so called 'Milk-Maid Braid'

You literally plait your hair in 2 sections... think back to school, or pippi long stockings!

then grab one braid and pin it crossing the top of your head, grab the other one and do the same on the other side. Keeping a couple of strands out on the side of your face makes it a bit less severe and cuter.

The Top-knot will always be a favourite because there is nothing that gets rid of any strands stuck to your face like it. It screams summer! But has become a bit of a fashion staple since it was everywhere on the catwalks a few years back.

With the right make-up the simplest form of hairstyle can look super chic too - of course emphasis will need to go on the eyes!


Let's just hope we will see less of these this season!..................

Have a great Summer, and remember if you can't drink responsibly at least don't drink cheap wine!


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