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Have a Red Hot Summer!

For all us Londoners, if summer is quite here yet or not is highly debatable.... but one can keep hoping of course....

that is until you see something that says: 'The UK is bracing itself for thunderstorms! -but with highs of 25 degrees....not sure that is quite any consolation...... but as always I digress..

Whether we get a fabulously hot summer or not... fear not because your hair follicles should be looking Red Hot!... and I really mean that.

Blondes have been dominating our summer months for years on end now (yawn)... but this season the real Hot trend is HOT by nature - it is RED!

Now we are not talking about Pillar Box Red here.... (give it a rest Queen of Hearts!) but flame haired ginger tones.

As a Hair Stylist, Copper Tones were always a bit of a personal favourite for me, so when I moved to the UK a decade ago and had one of my first clients, I did my usual...looked at her complexion,eye colour, bone structure etc etc... and told her: 'You would look amazing if we change your hair colour to Copper!'

She looked at me as though I had just told her: 'I'm gonna colour your hair green and give you an Oompa Loompa as a Pet' - she was genuinely horrified - that is when I learnt about the major issue this country has with anything Ginger.

The funny thing complexion-wise, most British people suit Red tones, but a decade later I learnt it's useless trying to drum that one home!

Thankfully a few years back Ginger Colour got it's saviour in the form of this woman:

Florence Welch pretty much single handedly made Red tones cool and the younger generation responded magnificently!

When it comes to this colour you can choose from an array of great hues... so for this issue we decided to celebrate our favourite flames...

starting with one of my personal faves... Ladies and Gentlemen: Julianne Moore.

This woman knows her reds... she has tried various hues but knows how far too push it to keep it always effortlessly elegant, a true red hot goddess.

Sweet like Strawberries and Cream we just love Isla Fisher, something about this girl just draws you to her... not to mention her acting abilities morphing into quite a few different roles of late.... but we will have another Rom Com + Ryan again anytime ;)

If you decide to go and paint the town red do not forget that it is essential to have the right products to go with your freshly died crimson locks.

Firstly always wait a few days before shampooing your hair post-colour.

It is important to have the right shampoo -mositure for coloured hair is essential. get yourself a Shampoo for coloured hair - or one with lots of moisture and as little sulphate as possible.

Excessive shampooing of your hair is going to make your colour fade a lot quicker, so if your hair does get greasy opt for dry shampoo in-between actual shampooing days ;)

Be careful with coloured shampoos as they can distort the orignal colour. Pop to the salon for a toner top-up to refresh the colour after 4 weeks, or use a glaze at home after a while - but consult your stylist what to use.

You can not have a list of Orange Divas without everyone's favourite Obsessive Compulsive Disorder house wife on on Wysteria Lane - Bree Van De Kamp (aka Marcia Cross....but no one really remembers that!)

Now if you want to be somewhat more daring with your Red,.... look no further than these 2 uber-amazing popstrels...

Paloma Faith is the embodiment of how much fun red can be. Teaming her Titian Locks with splashes of contrasting colour and Vintage Kookiness this lady knows that F is for Fire,...but also Fun!

The incredibly talented Little Red that is Katy B, has been gracing our airwaves for the last 5 years. Always un-apologetic with her music she is the same with her Red curly locks.... as her last album continues to emphasise

We can't possibly talk music and red heads without a nod to the original flame haired songstress: Tori Amos

...and if we are really gonna go for a true original.... let's take it to the very start....

As Madonna said... They had style, they had grace, Rita Hayworth gave good face...

There is a whole lot of red you can do..... As vibrant or as toned down as you like, just need to get over all the ginger hang ups you grew up with and take the plunge!....

Talking about growing up.... just do not go recreating this!

Happy Ginger Summer!


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