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Hair Colour: Autumn Trends 2019

As much as we always like to stretch summer as much as possible, now that we are even getting close to the end of September we cannot escape getting into some Autumn vibes.

Coming from a country were you pretty much have an 8 month long summer (sometimes stifling) about 2 months of 'winter' and 2 months of Spring ... Autumn is kind of in-existent, you sort of wake up one day and the leaves are on the floor, and the next day its Winter...

So when I moved to the UK some 15 years ago, Autumn was a bit of a novelty, and very quickly became a favourite month.

Even more so the colours and hues the season brings with it.

Autumn 2019 's colour trends are drawing from the colours all around us courtesy of mother nature,

Cinnamon Ombre

This is a great way to warm up your look and you post-summer sun-drenched tired hair - add a warm cinnamon tone to your tired grown out Balayage or Ombre to promote you to Autumn excellence - and if Beyonce is sporting it - this is gonna be Huge!

Coral Copper

This blend of two favourite tones of the season is clever for more than one reason. Firstly - the obvious - why choose between two tones when you can have then both? But in all seriousness we all know that Red colours fade, and if you live in a country with hard water this happens even faster! Starting with a darker shade of Copper means that it can slowly fade through the weeks until you get to the point of a root touch-up with a less washed -out look.

Lady Marmalde

.....and talking about that colour fading, there is nothing more fun than moving from one autumn trend to the next by simply refreshing your faded out colour, and that is super easy to do this season by moving to a light copper hue. This is so great if you are a faded out darker copper but equally if you are a blonde that is a bit tired of being one and want to throw some serious zing in your hair!

Here's one we did this week...

Scarlet Barnett

For all of you who DO NOT think 'Orange is the new black' and cannot stomach an orange hue in your hair (quite a few of you I know!) - opting for a more full on red is always an option. Intense Scarlet is definitely not for the faint-hearted and most of all not for the lazy ones either, as this colour will need some serious home maintenance with regular toning and treating.

This colour does not work for Olive skin tones as even though the colour is a Red the undertone is blue and clashes with the complexion - or use lots of make-up to counteract.

Do a Rapinoe

Is it just me or women's football just wasn't on anyone's radar up till this year - and don't get me wrong this totally makes me happy... if nothing else they definitely have better hair than their male counterparts! - and the star of women's football is USA's Megan Rapinoe who sported a cool quiff crop with bubbegum pink.

Yes, Pink really is here to stay, it has been trending for years now, however you can tell that it is really becoming a mainstream colour when you see so many on the streets - some looking better than others - some more wearable than others.

You can choose from a full on Hot Pink to some baby pink flashes or an Ombre Pink-out.

Patience is key with these tones they are not necessarily achievable in one session, if your hair is dry and damaged take it slowly and do it in stages over a few months to preserve the integrity of the hair cuticle.

Unless you are already blonde then its easy to top it with pink...

though once again this is a colour that needs serious maintenance as the lighter the shade the easier it is for it to fade - home maintenance with coloured conditioners is essential here.

Rooted Citrine Blonde

Blondes are warm too - the exciting shade of citrine is an interesting twist for this season. The trend is going for a rooted version of the colour , though we do believe the colour works great even without roots, especially for an older woman who needs some warmth to her bronde - Citrine is definitely the way forward.... plus 'Roted Citrine Blonde' in quite a mouthful!

Iridescent Autumn / Crome-casting

This is for the really indulgent ones, or the indecisive - using colours from the same pallette you place colours to interweave movement by colour while making the colour iridescent and playful. Great to accentuate complexions, features and bone structures.

Not for the ones who like uniformity!

So you are officially ready for Autumn, we'll happily keep the wooley jumpers away for the moment though!

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