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Food Inspired hair for 2019!

Sometimes Hair is just good enough to eat!

This Winter Season get ready to tickle your taste buds as the hottest hair colours are all inspired by food and beverage - and quite frankly our mouths are watering!

And this time you won't even have to count your calories!

Toasted Coconut

Like a proper autumn trend even the coldest of colours still has a warm tone. This vivid blend of darker roots and uber blonde ends mimics the effect you get when you roast coconut shavings.

If you already are a brunette and want some serious drama while going blonde this is great as the regrowth would not be such an issue!

However one should build this colour slowly rather than try to achieve it in one session so as to preserve the integrity of the hair from all that bleach (unless you are already relatively blonde). Protecting the hair with Olaplex is essential and you will also need regular toning to keep those icy ends nice and white.

Cold Brew Coffee

We think this is quite simply the hottest trend at the moment. If you have been sporting an ombre for way too long and are totally stuck in a rut - this is your colour!

If you are naturally dark this is a no brainer. As you can tone down those tired blonde tresses with a coffee/Moccha/Capuccino and why not maybe even an espresso!

The trend emulates the the play of light through a cup of iced coffee.

Work with highlights and low lights with much more emphasis on the mid lengths and ends.


We have seen quite a few neon yellows around here in London and the celebrities went quite gaga (pun intended) about it - though of course those were all wigs!

This Autumn we get a far more wearable version of a yellow tone - The Butterbeer!

Perfect for all Harry Potter fans this trend goes from a blend of yellow buttery tones and amber hues to Deep Caramel and Honey.

So good you can totally eat it - too cool for school - Hogwarths included.

Grab your mates let's go play Quidditch!.


Now that we can most certainly say summer is well and truly over, it is time to turn our backs on all those pastel tones of pink we have been seeing everywhere and go for a darker deeper shade of blackberry.

This autumn/winter we are getting fruity with a much darker forest fruit - Great for the natural brunettes that have lost their way in a web of blonde or the dark haired girl that is ready to give her hair a bit of a sexy mysterious yet uplifting tone.

From deepest dark with a violet sheen to a subtle colour-shifting gloss, this tasty colour comes in a number of guises.

Red Velvet

Now if there was a sweet temptation you want to dip your finger or rather hair into, this is the one!

Red Velvet is a perfect blend of Chocolate and Crimson Red.

The right blend of the brown and red tones are absolutely essential here to create definition.

Like the Blackberry trend, this is all about the blending of tones to create an almost iridescent effect.

Well that should have given you an appetite for new colour...

Hope you enjoyed the menu.... are you ready to order?


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