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Caring for yourself and your aging hair.

A woman reaches a certain age, and more often than not she is very likely to cut her hair short.

But the question is: Is it because she wants to, or is it because it is what is expected of her?

As we age our hair ages too, we can't escape that..

But what are the signs of aging hair?

Firstly, It loses pigment!

Those annoying grays! the reason for your first mild heart attack - the realization that your body is actually physically telling you: you are getting older!

Technically all that is really happening is that we are losing Melanin pigment , which is what gives our skin and hair its colour. Melanin is also what we get from the sun while sun-bathing - but sadly that does not effect our hair.

As we loose that pigment the hair also tends to become finer and the regrowth slows down, which is why it feels like we go from a full head of hair to half the amount - which is also the reason why we can never seem to be able to go longer than a certain point.

These are all factors that make us cut our hair shorter. Sometimes it is just a case of craving an easier haircut to faff less in the morning.

Your stylist should always be your first port of call when you are thinking about having such a change, because while you might be thinking that you should be going short because 'it is what is expected of you' - a lot of the times you just need a pair of fresh eyes - and there is nothing better than a styist's eyes to think outside of the box.

One does not have to have a boring look just because they are older.

Care for Older Hair.

One thing one must always keep in mind with hair that is aging, is that it needs much more treating to keep it healthy. As it loses the natural nutrients it is time to give it some more - a bit like having supplements.

It is useless going on about 'how thick and full and healthy my hair was' - it has changed, as have you - get over it. Move forward.

Just like you have changed elements of your wardrobe, your hair regimen needs to be tweaked too!

So how do you keep your hair healthy as you get older?

Use Less Heat!

Those blessed and yet cursed GHD's - yes they do make our life easier, but when your hair is already getting weaker naturally the last it needs is to be fried on a regular basis. If you find that you really need to use the irons, always use heat protecting products, and always air dry the hair to totally dry so you don't have to run the straighteners many times over the hair.

Look Into Keratin Treatments.

Especially if you like your hair on the straighter sleeker side, Keratin treatments should be a no-brainer. Apart from relaxing the hair, making it more manageable and a great anti-humidity barrier, it is essentially putting protein back into the hair - what's not to like?

Get the right Products.

Yes, getting the right cut is important, but having the right products for the new look is just as important. Some stylists may look pushy showing you loads of products while styling your hair, but more often than not they are telling you what you will need to re-create the style (that's unless they are in a big chain and they have sales targets of course). 😋

Sulfate-free and nourishing shampoos as you get older are a must.

Supermarket range are quite simply diluted shampoo or worse full of silicone which latches onto the hair making it feel amazing at the beginning with that silicon coat, but in the long run it will weaken the hair causing it to snap.

Argan Oil is another sure winner for the mature woman's hair especially if the hair is dry and coarse.

Argan Oil is extracted from the kernels of Argan fruits that have been sun-dried for several days, is quickly taking the number one spot for hair protection and treatment. Hair Treatment and Protection. This liquid gold gives new life to dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

We love the True Keratin Argan Oil with Keratin.

Keeping a healthy scalp

With age just like our skin our scalp looses moisture too and can give us a flaky scalp, or even dandruff - but while with our skin we would pile on the moisturiser - with your scalp it is all about clean, clean clean , so you will need a deep cleansing shampoo that stabilisez the natural ph of the hair. In turn this will need to be paired with a deeply moisturising conditioner for your hair - but definitely not for your scalp!

Add Gloss to your Colour.

We concentrate on those roots, and that is all good. But colour fades and those mid-lengths and ends need nourishing too. Every couple of appointments top your colour with a Gloss which is a semi permanent version of your colour that is less harsh and at the same time adds shine and helps seal the hair against split ends and future damage.

Strengthen your hair with Olaplex

Olaplex is quite simply revolutionary.

It strengthens the hair like no other product on the market. Olaplex is NOT a conditioning treatment. Conditioning treatments just coat the hair and eventually they are washed off. Olaplex penetrates the hair and repairs the damaged bonds in our hair leaving it stronger for real results not just a silky temprary coat.

and finally.....Take care of yourself!

Yes you got changing locks and changing looks - you can cut your hair off if you'd like, but while the hair thins due to age it can also be through stress, hormonal shifts and genes. When you notice such shifts take note - but most importantly take action.

Watch what you eat - diet and hair will always be linked. Nutrition is fundamental for healthy hair, and a balanced diet is ideal.

With more people turning Vegan and cutting out Red Meats and Eggs which produce Cystine - an essential amino acid which functions as a building block for proteins (similar to Keratin) people 's hair is getting weaker.

We are bound to change our dietary requirements as we grow older, because some foods we ate when we were younger just do not work for us anymore, but once they are removed from our life your hair starts craving the nutrients it is used to.

It is important to bump things up with multi-vitamins and amino acid supplements on a daily basis to improve your scalp skin and growth.

...and one last thing!


Read that Book

Binge-watch on that Box-Set

Book that Holiday!

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