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Autumn Trends 2016


It is that moment when the layers need to be doubled and looking at a skimpy dress or a tank top gives you the shivers! - when you wear way too little for the day, but turns to way too much when you are on the Tube! - it is that time of year when your wardrobe becomes an enigma - it's the beginning of Autumn!

But on the upside it is a great time to experiment with those Earthy Autumn shades that do not look quite right at other times of the year..... and Hair is no exception, though this year these lovely shades sound like they came straight out of the Great British Bake-Off rather than your favourite colour technician, and they are very yummy indeed...

Here are our favourites!......

Pumpkin Spice!

With Halloween round the corner there could not be a more perfectly timed colour.

Our favourite seasonal Latte has just turned into Hot Hair Trend. It is not quite looking like a pumpkin, but having a golden brown or auburn base tone with added Coppery tones on top, How fiery that Copper Red tones are, depends totally on ones' taste! - Great for someone who already has clearly contrasting highlights and wants to spice things up as you could put a semi on top to create a totally new dimension!


I could not be more excited about this technique - and have been contouring quite a few of you already. It is the perfect way of transitioning from your summer ombre to a warmer autumn look.

Fine Baby Highlights are added contouring the face to still give you a summery sun-kissed glow while keeping the rest of the hair on a darker tone - meaning less trouble with re-growth too! Win!

Nude Hair

We all know what that means in make-up terms, but how does this work with hair?

It is simpler than one thinks. Most of the time we will refer to hair as being Golden or Ashy, right?

Nude Hair colour is in fact the blend of the two - it is having both golden and ash tones working together at equal amounts which results in the 2 tones cancelling each other creating - you've guessed it - a Nude Tone!

Choco-Hazel Fondue

This is a great tone for the anyone with already naturally dark hair that needs a bit of a lift.

Fine Lights of Warm Chocolate and Hazlenut tones are weaved through the hair to give dark hair a healthy warm injection. Working those foils in Diagonals will help to create a more natural look. Here's a before and after we did in-salon recently...

Rose Gold

This shade has been surfacing in pretty much everything from clothes to phones to every accessory under the sun - there was no doubt that it was gonna filter into hair too - and it is an absolutely gorgeous shade, the only problem with Rose Gold is the up-keep!

Essentially Rose Gold is Pink, Orange and Yellow tones mixed with a 'Pastel diluter' so basically a faded out Pinky Orange - the problem with an already faded out colour is that it does not last, and to keep this colour vibrant one would be looking at needing to tone it every week or so - definitely not for the wash and go kinda girl!

Cinnamon Swirl

This delicious tone is so gorgeous you want to eat it! - It is the Bronde look version 2.0!

While Bronde is still a hot look for the rest of the year - Cinnamon Swirl takes it a notch further by going a bit lighter with Honey tones and definitely warmer with deeper Brown Sugar low-lights. We did this a few weeks ago....

Cuivre Red

It sounds super chic , but essentially it just means 'Copper Red' (Cuivre is simply copper in french) - but while the name may be disappointing the shade is just gorgeous! - If you are thinking Copper and it's a colour that suits your complexion - this is the Red tone of the year! - here is our version a few weeks back!

Buttery Blonde

Moving away from all the cold tones this summer Buttery Blonde is a warm Honey-yellow tone that works well on blondes that need to lift up a washed out ash colour. Great for anyone with a cool skin tone and will look great on blondes with blown or hazel eyes.

Hope our little Buffet round up has given you some hair inspiration!... I am off to bake something yummy! (Apron ready)


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