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Autumn Makeovers

We are still celebrating our Makeover page, and as promised we are back with some SERIOUS!! makeovers!

This time we wanted to show how you can turn someone from regular to HOT! - and in our case that means becoming a Hair Colour Clinic Model!

We've got two very different makeovers.... let's roll with it...


Case #1 -

From Dull blonde to a Glam Warm Blonde

After years of high-lighting and a few D-I-Y touch-ups here and there this blonde was looking more drab than Fab...

We settled to change her wishy-washy tired tones to a warm sandy blonde with high-lights and low-lights to give more dimension .

The result is a vibrant blonde ready for the colder winter months......


case #2 -

Warm Autumn Tones

In this session we put out hands on some coarse and unruly Mediterranean hair. We wanted to re-create the warm tones we find all around us in autumn.

We high-lighted the front for extra lift. While we used an Amonia-free colour on the rest of the hair, using a Chocolate brown on the roots, and more coppery tones at the ends for a more multi-faceted result.

After washing off the colour it was time for some dolling-up courtesy of our faithful and uber-talented Make-up artist Graziella (@GraziellaVella1)

....and Hello Glamour-Puss!!

...Job done x

If you are thinking of a bit of a makeover , no matter how big or small, get in touch to see what we might have in-store for you - come see us for a free consultation.

Consultations are free and with No ogligation... contact us on 07586313020

Or email the salon at:

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