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A Wright wedding and a de-TOWIE in progress.....

We get to the first of June and as a friend landing into Heathrow airport put it best: 'I just landed in November!' - Ironically by mid afternoon it had turned into July! - typical schizophrenic London weather...

Thankfully there was an event to brighten our grey days - and that was Mark Wright's and Michelle Keegan's wedding pictures on HELLO... that's unless you were invited of course and got that live on the day..

But how gorgeous did she look? - ok he did too... but Michelle..... well we all expected her to look great on her wedding day there definitely was no doubt about that - but that dress by Galia Lahav and the overall look was just stunning!

Here at The Hair Colour Studio, we had another Wright to deal with, and that was changing Mark's cousin Leah's hair from Brunette to a Summer Blonde...

The Blonde Ambition tour was on!

The process was actually a lot of fun, there really never was a dull moment - but going through removing extensions going from brunette to blonde and putting in some GreatLengths hair extensions, we spent a good amount of time with Leah who was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Then yesterday this cropped up! - Oh Hello Amy.....

Deja Vu's aside, it made me think... what is going on in Essex?..... Are we getting into a de-towie-ing trend?

To be fair the first person to get the makeunder would have to be Chloe Sims who back in September 2014 underwent quite a transformation following cruel taunts from media trolls she was getting on a daily basis over her looks.

She explained that no matter how natural she went she would still get taunts on social media saying : 'yes, but you are still plastic'

Quite frankly anyone who could not see her already beautiful bone structure etc.. is just daft anyway...

So are we getting onto a slightly less done-up trend, are we looking at a more natural approach to our beauty?

Or is there a case of a role reversal too?

As all the Towie Girls are toning it down.... I was surprised to see Binky Felstead from MIC glaming it up..... Our Eyes are peeled!

Whichever way - looks like the Hair Wars are On!


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