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A proper french twist!

We have had so many hairstyles through the years some with success....... others a bit less...

but one hairstyle that has been with us for a very very long time is the French Twist... and it is getting a bit of a comeback!

Somehow for me when I think of a French Twist or a French Roll as I tend to prefer calling it, I think: Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's - which in essence is actually a variant of it with a high bun.

Being a relatively simple hairstyle there are many ways of doing a french roll, giving you a variety of results and executions..

Due to popular culture, we tend to attribute the style of the 1960s, but in reality the actual hairstyles has been with us much before that..... errm,...centuries before infact, since Ancient Greece as shown on this image of a Muse from a vase dating back to the 4th century B.C.

But let's talk proper French Twist, how do you do that?

To get a traditional French Roll one would need to brush their hair out first - you can have both wavy or straight hair for this style. Part it where you find most comfortable, (though I find a side parting always looks more elegant) pull your hair back into a ponytail and start twisting at the end inwards towards your scalp. Once twisted keep it tight and let the twist lie flat on your head. Then start putting hair pins in from the bottom of your twist up. For a neat finish tuck the top of the hair in.

The style was practically a status symbol in much of the 40s and 50s, and was synonymous of well standing and high society, but in the 60s one woman single handedly gave it the edge it was waiting for and made it rock n' roll....

Brigitte Bardot made the french twist REALLY popular - it was not a style exclusive for the wealthy anymore, but a style for everyone and a style that could be experimented with. At the time it was given the title of the 'french bun' as it was likened to a loaf of bread.

That was a real turning point for the style and the then 'new evolution' is still considered to be a 'Brigitte Bradot' right till today.... and used plenty of times!

Fast forward to 2015, and the catwalk has suddenly taken this classic look to a new level. The Autumn/Winter 2015 catwalks were full of variations of the look, with Diane Von Furstenburg, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Hermes all show casing their take on the classic look.

The high society strict image has been totally discarded, and the French Roll is re-incarnated into an even messier and more dishevelled look.

At Chanel, Hair Master: Sam McKnight gave us a care-free decidedly young style paired with a black ribbon and of course a Chanel statement pin.

Meanwhile at Tom Ford, MCKnight gave it another twist (excuse the pun)

If you want to create this, after creating volume on top, create a side braid (or add hair pieces) after brushing the sides casually, wrap a simple french twist over it and secure, bring round the braid and pin it to the twist creating a very casual and more textured version

At Hermes Guido Palau threw in a casual yet elegant equestrian inspired version... we are loving this..

Oscar De La Renta kept it seriously classic, but then again that is pretty much the staple hairstyle for the fashion house....

So is 2015 the Winter of the french twist? - We think It is a case of picking your style, call it a french bun, a french twist, a Roll a Chignon, or a Bardot - call it a new name perhaps, whichever way we look at it, this Autumn everyone is screaming that we are looking at this style making a comeback - question is,..has it even ever left us?


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