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2018: the year of the curtain fringe

Celebrities! - love or loathe them they are still one of our major forms of inspiration for a new style...

Well, I never got someone coming in with a picture of the neighbour.... and that would also be totally creepy!

With Instagram being our portal for everything celebrity - you can keep up to date with your favourite celeb and hair style, not only - if you get into total stalker mode you are only a few hashtags away to track down their stylists, and just like that tah-dah!! - you've got his/her hair stylist's Instagram - OMG I have just fast-tracked to Hair Nirvana!

p.s.... our Insta is: @haircolourstudio


So what are the hair trends 2018 is gonna offer us....?

The Hair trends for 2018 are starting to form very clearly, and there is one element that really seems like it is going to be absolutely everywhere - and that is a Fringe! - Bangs if you are American (as a London hair stylist the first time a client asked me for bangs I blushed - wasn't too sure what she was asking for.....)

We have been flirting a lot with fringes but 2018 really is gonna be the year of the Fringe... and French.... because everyone wants to be a hot chic Parisienne!

The curtain fringe is going to reign supreme.

We can totally understand how the curtain fringe is getting so much coverage.. first of all it is easy... does not need much styling, because if it looks messy it looks even better!

searches on pinterest for Curtain fringe went up by 600% the last few months.

It makes it great if you want to actually grow a fringe out.. you can look cool in the process.

With the 90s revival pretty much everywhere is fashion at the moment curtain fringes are really no surprise at all.... and can go from Elegant to Grunge as quick as a tease!

So we did give a bit of a mention to the French Look.... and we are not quite saying Brigitte Bradot (though the curtain fringe is totally Bardot), but instead our muse this time is none other than Amelie!

because jaw-length cuts are going to be huge too! - that is if you dare of course!

Jaw-length cuts are quintessentially chic when done well, but can also be awfully mumsy if not cut into.

In our opinion naturally wavy hair can work wonders with this style as it gives a playful nature...

pairing it with a choppy fringe gives you the chic yet quirky look we have all come to love thanks to Audrey Tatou.

Fringes these are going to be everywhere - and while they look great with jaw-length cuts and bobs in general they can also work with other lengths, though for 2018 we would not suggest them for lengths longer than mid-length...

Most importantly, lay off those paper scissors and always go to your hair-stylist - A new Fringe should never ever be a D-I-Y job!

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