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Working from Home: How to have Zoom-ready hair during lock down

Just 3 months ago, we were all celebrating the New Year, as always we were imagining what it is going to be like - 'a year of change' some screamed, 'an exciting year of opportunity' others hoped for - but definitely no one could have quite predicted that we would be in the situation we are in right now!

Three months in and we are stuck at home with a virus that has wreaked havoc through all of our lives - definitely no one saw this one coming!

At Hair Colour Studio we are quite used to having you around when you are 'working from home' - but with self-isolation and a national lock down - working from home is really doing what it says on the tin.

Yes at first the novelty is fun - days in pj's and laptops sound great... but then a few days pass by... next thing you now it is a week, and then it's 10 days - and just like that - it's your ROOTS!

Sudden panic ensues what am I going to do with my hair when I can't leave the house and more importantly the salon is not even open!

Of course there is the consolation that not a lot of people are gonna be seeing you during your lock down...... remember family don't really care about your roots as much as you think!

If you are in a very new relationship, think of it as a really good test for your partner's sensibility.... and if he/she fails you can always blame the split on covid-19 anyway!

Of course for all of us working from home it means that we are having more and more video calls - some even a few a day which means you can't just throw yourself in front of your laptop looking like Hagrid,...

So here are some hacks for presentable lock down hair.

Starting the day taking care of your look is a great way to give yourself a boost - giving yourself a little bit more time to perfect that blowdry will automatically make you feel better, and know that you are zoom-ready!

If however you just need a quick fix to look decent for your online meeting, the first rule is to remember you are not going to be scanned 360 degrees - so concentrate on the front .

You can totally rough dry the back, just blow dry well your fringe and sides and blowdry the crown area back wards for volume which will give you a polished look in 5 minutes flat.

A front braid is a really easy way to make things chic easily. The advantage of the braid is of course it can last a few days, and if your roots are coming through it breaks up the pattern so it does not look obvious and if some are still shining through you can always use some root cover up or mascara

Here's how to do it:

Start by spraying some dry shampoo and blow dry lightly for some volume and more hold. A deeper parting crossing through tends to be more flattering for most face shapes. Start with two strands and cross them over follow that by adding hair strands from your hairline as you go left to right (or vice versa) finish it by securing it with hair pins.

With a level of uncertainty as to when your salon will be open again, the temptation to reach for the box dye has never been stronger! and that is an urge you really need to try and not give in to.

The bigger problem with the box dye is of course advertising - when you got celebrities showing how easy it is to do and how it will give you this splendid shiny multi-tonal colour, you can't quite blame the public for wanting to give it a try.

So why so many people get it wrong?

The simple answer is because it is impossible to have a one-size- fits all approach to hair, because there are so many variables one needs to consider before slapping a colour on - which is what your hair stylist does during your consultation and takes care of that whole bit for you.

Because let's face it - not everyone has the same hair - so how can everyone end up with the same hair that is on the picture of that box!?!

Of course there is also the allergic reaction situation to consider here too which could be an extra problem you really do not need right now! (or in severe cases the NHS does not need)

So how to mask those pesky roots!

Of course the first choice will be root cover ups... which are easy to use and gives you enough of a fix to be infront of your laptop camera. Most companies have a good range of colours though do not think that you need to get a perfect match to your current colour get the closest you can find - and always go for a darker shade rather than a lighter one as darker roots will make it far more realistic.

Our favourite is Colour Wow (which comes in an eyeshadow sort of format - so a bit more fiddly than the spay types... .

Sprays are easier but can be a little bit more gunky - L'Oreal hair touch up is relatively easy to use and with 8 shades there is one for every type of hair.... the only problem is that sprays can be messy when you want to do your hairline, and can stain your forehead as well as your clothes - so give yourself some time to do this.... especially on your first go!

Coloured conditioners and coloured dry shampoos are also an option.......

But what if you have a last minute meeting and you hardly have enough time to smack on some lippy?

Easy accessorize it!

Invest in head bands if you do not already have some. Apart from giving yourself some 60s chic in a second it also covers your roots entirely without having to resort to caking your hair with cover ups to mask the greys.

Another quick fix is a scarf... a good scarf/bandana even a hair band can detract from any possible visible greys or roots in general - just because let's face it they are far more interesting!

Here's 3 ways how to do it courtesy of Keiko Lynn...

In these very uncertain times also spare a thought for your stylist...

If all of these options in this blog were not enough to keep you from having a go at colouring your hair, just do your best to only colour your roots, as if it all goes wrong that perhaos won't be that hard to fix..... and it is quite possible that there are going to be a few hair disasters to fix once the salon is open again

Now it's up to you to decide which team you want to be..... ;)

Stay safe everyone x

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