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The 4 Winter Hair Colours you are gonna want!

As you throw away that pumpkin you so meticulously carved for Halloween you know you are in full swing winter... and just as much as that vegetable has clearly gone by its expiry date, you want to make sure the same thing does not happen with your hair!

But fear not as we got our annual round-up of all the cool hair colours and various hues that will make you look HOT to challenge the coldest of winters!

The Money-piece

Ok, so this has been around for a while and at Hair Colour Studio it has been a staple probably even before it actually was a thing - bottom line - we love it!

In a nutshell, a lighter hue is placed at the front framing the face which helps to give more luminosity to the skin.

The advantage of the money-piece is that of course it makes it quite low-maintenance since as it grows it will still look good with roots. You can also have it as subtle or dramatic as you please between full on balayage or tiny baby lights.

70's blonde

It's official silver and platinum are soo last season - it's all about warm buttery and sandy tones for blondes this year.... and we are sashaying to a disco feel like we are rockin up to Studio54 in the best Halsten dress you can get your hands on, while channelling your inner Agneta or Farah!

Honey and Golden tones help warm up the dreary grey back-drop in winter - and as bleached hair in general tends to have warmer tones it makes it easy to maintain too - though some regular toning is still advisable.

This will complement all the heavy fringes and the 70s pseudo-boho looks that are popping on catwalks too!


Of course there never is an Autumn/Winter without coppers!

The quintessentially autumnal tone is back as always, but we are most certainly favouring the brighter version of this mineral colour as opposed to the natural ginger tones which were so on-trend last year.

Biscuit Brunettes

This is probably the hottest hue for this Winter - so many of you seem to be deciding to go a bit darker and ditch the high-power blonde from this summer to this rather delicious tone.

Again this is another low-maintenance colour as it will always look great with roots, which was of course a god send when we had issues getting to a hair stylist during restrictions and lock-downs!

Of course if this does feel like a bit of a deja-vu is because essentially this is just a fresh new take of the 'Bronde' of a few seasons past - but while bronde focused far more on caramel and hazel tones this new re-incarnation is far more inclined towards the cooler hues.

Great for those not into brassiness as it neutralizes them.

But again regular toning will be essential to keep the vibrancy going.


All this talk of biscuits has made me hungry.... off to reach out for those lotus biscuits in the kitchen!

V x

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