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Spring 2014 Hair Trends

t is clearly here - Spring is surely springing...and it probably hit you in the face too- it was so sudden.... and (please please please don;t go!)....

Londoners though I must admit are a funny bunch.... just a hint of sun and anything above 14 degrees.... and its summer!!!.... Out we go - drinking in the sun like our life depended on it!,...its so hot.... time for Shorts and Flip Flops!!!.....and then we wonder why everyone at the office is sick the week after!!

Talking about Londoners!.... I came across a Blog yesterday - Hannah Gale - offered us ' 24 unexpected things that happen when you move to London' .... I did have a chuckle.... here are my favourite two..

#2. Drinking will seem perfectly acceptable at all times. School nights don’t exist and you’ll find yourself necking 2-4-1 martinis on a Monday night without a care in the world. You’ll only notice that things might not be quite so wonderful when your doctor asks how many units you get through in a week… Oh.


5. You will never have money, ever. How ever much you earn, your rent, cocktail intake and spontaneous holiday bookings will ensure you are entirely broke, always and forever.

to read more of the list there's a link at the end...

One thing a Londoner does love is trying to achieve a stress-free anything!... albeit fails most of the time, but there is some light at the end of our wintery tunnel - Spring 2014 is full of,....wait for it...

STRESS-FREE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The messier, the more lived-in, the more DGAS (Don't give a S#!t) the better... here's a round up of these easy lovers....

Messy Up-Do's

Forget about Audrey Hepburn or any other silver screen siren,... our up-do's are going to be very, ..well D-I-Y.... more cleaning Lady than First Lady....

Mermaid Hair

Ok, erase Ariel from The Little Mermaid from your mind... not that mermaid..... think more Daryl Hannah in splash.... anyone under 30 might need to google that for reference...

This is probably one of the hottest trends this year,.. it's taking the place of the beachy look but can still be twisted to get your personalised Mermaid look. Messy and dis-shevelled for the care-free girl, or throw in some shine to create a more sensuous Glossy version.

Easy to Create, one can simply plait the hair while damp and let it dry into the shape, or use straighteners/Wavers.... but then we are moving away from the stress-free idea ;-)

Braids, Plaits or anything remotely Game of Thrones....

This trend has been rolling from year to year, and is slowly becoming a bit of a pet-hate for me, but if looking like Cersei Lannister on the way to see Dumbledore via Mordor is your thing.....

Mid-lengths are the new bobs

They have been called the New Bob last year, but in reality it is a grown-out bob, cleverly disguised as some clever new trend while we grow-out our hair - but we still love it! - slightly dis-shevelled makes it look trendier - thing Alexa Chung.

...but if you want to get really edgy... try the

Choppy Page-boy Cut

Our advise? - Get a wig! - it will be fun for a night or two,..maybe a week.... but at least you will not be stuck with looking like Baldrick chewed by Rats for the whole season!

Let's bring back wigs as an accessory!.... talking about accessories

they are gonna be HUGE!!!

Literally some are massive, but there really is something for everyone. From Girly bows, studded beauties to Super-stylish Metallic Gold Embellishments.

If you decide to go down the golden route, team it with the neatest style for this season...

The Low Pony Tail

we love love love this - effortlessly stylish, yet screams high fashion! looks like the perfect hot summer's night do,... hopefully after a bit of a tan we can do the whole golden Lady look.....

we are talking Spring,..but we are definitely looking at Summer Summer Summer with this golden look!

Bring it On!!...... in the meantime.... cocktails anyone?


to take a look at the unexpected London list, follow this link...

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