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Post-Sun Rehab: All the tips you need for Summer Hair TLC

Recovered from the World Cup Shocks? From the hangover, or that holiday blues?

At Hair Colour Clinic we are kind of getting over the 3 of them, we had a good break, came back from holiday with the slight worry we could be held for questioning due to the ridiculously tanned colour of our skin... but then again we could have simply been from Essex too...

Before I start getting into a summer is over doom and gloom kind of tone, I do know we are still in the swing of things - and we do like to keep summer alive for as long as we can... who doesn't right? - excluding Goths of course...

So if you are on holiday at the moment, what are you reading this blog for? but do save the url, and while dealing with your holiday blues read it for post-sun hair TLC..... or just go ahead and continue reading...your call!

Many clients through the years have asked how to take good care of their hair over the hot summer months.

we tend to give a logical approach, when you go to the beach and you get a bit sun burnt the first thing we do is to put some after sun on our skin - and there is no difference with our hair needs the same kind of care our skin gets - because let's face it our skin is the dress we're in - but hair is our best accessory!

So just like our post-sun skin our hair needs lots of moisture, so make sure your shampoo and conditioner are giving you just that! - if you have been using like a dandruff or a deep cleansing shampoo - keep in mind that these are designed to deep cleanse the hair and not to moisture so try to marry it with a moisturising conditioner for the summer months. - Depp cleansing shampoos are great to wash chlorine out of your hair after the pool!

Remember that when conditioning it is your ends and your mid-lengths that need proper attention - your roots are getting the natural oils on a regular basis so they don't need such help - never put conditioner onto the scalp, always apply conditioner from the mid-lengths down.

If even after all the moisture you put in with your shampoo on conditioner your hair still looks like it needs a serious amount of hydration then it is time to take things a step further and look into Hair Masques.

There are a multitude of good Masques and Hair Treatmentsout there (both salon-based and home-use) , take time with them look for the best that would work for you - but most of all follow the instructions - if it say 15 minutes in the hair - do not leave it in for 5 - and do not sleep with it either!!!

At Hair Colour Clinic we love

You can also go for the mother of all treatments and go for a Brazilian (albeit a more expensive treat) to really go for full-on protein back into your hair. If you have a liking for straight hair -that's a double wammy as most brazilians tend to relax the hair making your hair a lot more manageable. Though their are others that do not straighten at all for those who just want the moisture.

There, now you have all you need for your post-sun hair rehabilitation, and if you persevered reading this while you're at the beach... it is very sad..... go take a dip right now!!


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