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New Year, New Me: 5 realistic hair resolutions.

Happy New Year!

It's 2020, and I am still trying to figure out where the decade has gone!

With a new year as always comes that slightly guilt-ridden feeling that you should be making some resolutions in an attempt to be that better human being we all aspire to be. Of course we fail most of the times, because we quickly tend to forget to be kind - because let's face it as humans we are just not built that way.

But what about a new decade? does that make resolutions more important? - more somewhat life affirming? a list of seismic power and proportion?

Well, as you well know this is not the kind of blog that will preach how to better yourself... but it will give you a list of resolutions that you may be able to stick to a bit easier than helping grannies cross the road.... Welcome to 2020's Hair Resolutions! - probably the most achievable resolutions you will ever make in your life!

1. Treat your Hair weekly.

It is one of those things that we promise our hair stylist time after time - we even buy the friggin product.... but where is it? Still sitting pretty in our cabinet.

Find the time to put that mask on. If time is an issue try to find one that does not need to stay on for a long period of time.... start with it... shower the rest ...once you are done with that hot body of a goddess, rinse it out. See that wasn't that difficult.

2. Wash your hair less often

If you speak to any junior or shampooist at a salon they will tell you that what they struggle with most is how dry their hands get from that constant shampooing, and if your hair could talk it would tell you exactly the same.

Over-washing dehydrates it and while one may think that washing is beneficial for the hair it is actually stripping it from it's natural oils that can leave you with dry tired locks. There are many clever ways to stretch to 2nd and 3rd day hair - styling it into a top-knot probably is the best solution, but also a good dry shampoo can work miracles too.

3. Switch to Natural products

So you have been complaining about your hair -how it has not been behaving, how much it is lacking lustre, how limp it looks,.... so you think it is time to shake things and change your shampoo - and there you are at the supermarket stand - Again!

Now we know that it is a mine-field out there - but there is one golden way to think about it - most shampoos in the supermarket aisle are like diluted soft detergents.. would you wash your hair with Fairy or Lux liquid? probably not.

Yes Natural products are more expensive - but challenge yourself to switch to a natural salon quality product and you will find that in the long run it will last longer, your hair colour will perform better and your hair will start to co-operate too.

We love all Maria Nila products which are 100% Vegan.

4. Eat foods that help your hair

You know that phrase 'you are what you eat'? Well that could not be more true about your hair, because healthy, shiny hair starts from the inside - Poor diets make the hair limp and lifeless so maybe this is a good year to start focusing on that.

Hair is made of Keratin protein, so naturally working on a protein and Iron-rich diet is essential, though one must not stop at that and make sure to balance it with the right vitamins too

Here are some foods your hair will love:

Fish, Nuts, Meat, Eggs, Pumpkin, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Strawberries, Oranges.

5. Schedule regular appointments at the salon.

We all of course go to the doctor when we are sick - but we shouldn't be taking the same approach with our hair - in this case more than ever prevention is better than cure!

Of course every hair has different maintenance needs, some will need every 4 weeks others can get away with 3 months, but getting into a habit of booking your next appointment straight away before leaving the salon is a great way to keep your hair in great condition rather than waiting till the day your hair rebels and wakes up with an attitude - we've all been there! ......and then shock-horror! - there is no space for another week!

Get the stress out of all that, book it, put it in your diary... go for cocktails ....isn't that a nicer way to start the year?

Happy New Year xx

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