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First time Colour

In this day and age a Hair Colour Virgin is just about as rare as a four-leaved clover!

Girls (and boys) tend to have a bit of a dabble with hair colour at a pretty early age,... I can still remember my very much of an epic fail with my first D-I-Y colour when I was around 14 years of age!....little did I know then that I would eventually turn that into a career.

However, some people really are reluctant with colour, and try to hang on to those natural tones for as long as they can - that is till those evil evil grey hairs start appearing!

One of these rare creatures is Debbie. - Debbie is already blessed with gorgeous hair, and for many years we have been cutting styling etc,..but not a drop of colour.

She was so petrified of losing her natural hair colour, that plucking at those annoying grey hairs was a more attractive option. After much nagging from yours truly, Debbie gave in - on one condition! the new colour would not change her that much, and be as close to her hair - and of course as natural as possible!

Re-creating a natural-looking hair colour is by no means an easy feat - but certainly not impossible...

Lighter hair colours get a better natural result with fine high-lights, while dark colours tend to look better in a block colour - but low-lights incorporated can make some very interesting results too. - Ash tones are probably the more difficult ones to maintain - but with the right home-care advice - it is very much possible.

Most importantly, if you are a hair colour virgin, make sure you are trusting your hair with a confident colourist with plenty of experience, colouring your hair for the first time is not just a matter of slapping it on. For example, starting at the root with a colour on virgin hair is a no no.... one should always start from the mid-lengths and ends ( a very common mistake).

Another very important factor - If you have not had colour before it is of utmost importance to have a patch test 48 hours (or more) before your appointment to check for any possible allergies. Allergies to hair colour (PPD) are quite rare, bur they are not something to take lightly - as a harsh reaction can even be fatal!

But back to Debbie?.....So, how did we do?..... Well, you can see for yourself..

Most colour veterans will say....errm...What's the difference - and you are right - very little, just a richer and shinier colour - the idea was to keep it looking as natural and as close to her own hair - 'sans le grey!'

Debbie's reaction?

'Oh good, I still see myself!', 'it's so shiny I swear you can see your face in the reflection of my hair!!! '

- Job done!

If you are thinking of changing your hair colour, no matter how little or big is your change, we suggest having a thorough consultation to make sure you and your stylist understand where you wanna go with your hair colour.

Consultations at Hair Colour Studio are free and with no obligation... more info at


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