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Don't have the guts? - Fake it!!

we are already in August....can you even believe it??

Even though here in London it seems the weather has gone all Spring-Autumn Hybrid, we are still positively hot...while everyone else on this hemisphere is sweltering of course...

As we seem to have started a bit of a series of heat-beating hair (see previous posts), we thought to throw in another one that can quite easily take you into Autumn or winter, because apart from being a beat-buster it can also be seriously chic, say hello to the Mock-Bob.

The name says it all... it is a faux bob... it's achieving the look of a bob when you do not want to cut your hair - which becomes also a good and welcome alternative to the more severe up-do for those summer night elegant/red carpet events.

Taylor Swift really has got the knack of this!

Also known as a 'loop' the secret of a mock-bob is to pin your locks at the length you want your hair to be.

Here's one from our team.....

If you have layers in your hair you can cheat by creating little micro-buns at the base of your neck and letting your top layer hang down as the bob, however you are not likely to get a lot of volume that way - unless of course you are already blessed with that!

You can also dress your bob with jewels and vintage pieces which will also make the style feel more secure.

Beautifully dressed-up at Rodarte.

If you do not have the guts, go fake! - Happy Summer Hair


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