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Cutting your locks: When should Sasha loose her Fierce?

Unless you were in a coma the last few weeks, you will know that the hottest topic out there when it came to hair was Beyonce 'cutting' her hair Short.

Please do note the inverted comas on the word cutting, because essentially it was taking out her extensions and probably giving shape to the already, somewhat short hair. So before everyone starts to applaud the woman for the bravery think that it would be dead easy for her to get it all back tomorrow.. she settled for a long bob in the meantime....

This does not mean that she was not brave though, and even though 'Sasha Fierce' (that is her alter ego for anyone still in that coma) is looking more 'Bambi Cool' - changing an image to that extent for any superstar is still a gamble - unless your name is Madonna of course!

Madonna still remains the queen of re-invention - let's not forget with 30 years under her belt and a ridiculous amounts of looks that most importantly always worked (take note Gaga), It is difficult to surpass the queen of Pop!

But we are not here to talk about Madonna vs. Gaga vs. Beyonce vs. Kylie vs Doris Day! (we'd be here forever!) - The bigger question is what triggers such a makeover?

Speculation that Beyonce went for the chop because her 32nd birthday is round-the-corner was rife, but I really do not believe that. If you are a global superstar the answer is SHOCK and a great marketing tool.

But if you are your regular Kate, Ella and Perrie (geddit?) - what makes you go: 'time for a change'

Makeovers are more likely to be triggered by boredom and a strong need to change something in your life, most of the time it even has nothing to do with your hair either - the most common trigger for a full-on makeover is in fact a break-up!

Flicking through mind-less day-time Tv today came across a statement that a survey found that British Women deem the right age to loose your locks and go short is 46.

Now as much as I am an advocate for shorter hair on older women, firstly, I definitely do not believe in a specific number like a sell-by-date, how depressing that would be!! - and secondly, are we not forgetting that every person is an individual? Short does not necessarily suit everyone, and also there is short, there are bobs and there are mid-lengths that work too!

Another important factor that one must not forget is that today's 40 and 50+ ladies are nothing like their counterparts of yesteryear! - they are Sassy and still Sexy!- otherwise the term 'Cougar' would not exist!

It has pretty much become a regular occurrence to bump into people who look so much younger than they actually are, and we got the advance of beauty technology, great cosmetic procedures, doctors, beauty therapists and fabulous hair-stylists to thank for that!

But back to hair - long tresses past 60 might not be ideal, let's face it they're probably constantly in a bun or a pony-tail - you Asian ladies are particularly guilty of this! but rules of when and how to cut your hair is seriously depressing and simply wrong!

The answer is you should cut your hair when you want to, and an age appropriate haircut depends on the person and not the age itself! - Now yes, there are people that can go over-board with that statement and want a 'Miley Cyrus' at 55 - the chances of you carrying that off are as slim as your ipad! - unless you are Tilda Swinton.

This is why you MUST MUST MUST listen to what your hair-stylist has to say on your hair and where it should go. Listen to their opinion, as more often than not, they can see something that you are not seeing.

So if they are encouraging you to cut your treasured locks it is because they can visualize it and they know it will look fabulous, and even though you may be petrified by the idea listen to them, talk about it , voice your concerns, but take the plunge - let's face it - you're a BIG GIRL NOW!


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