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Changes: 2016 best celebrity makeovers

Ah! - Celebrities

Love or loathe we tend to love to take a look at what they are doing....

Here today gone tomorrow, our celebrities are becoming all the more disposable with every year, tweet and instagram account that is open.

It is seriously scary that so many greats left us this year, I mean - Prince, George, Alan, Victoria, Carrie, ....David!

This week I had the pleasure to go see Lazarus, the musical penned by David Bowie and Enda Walsh in Kings Cross. I followed that with watching the BBC documentary Bowie: the last 5 years.

When you think of Bowie you think musical genius, Icon etc... but also an artist that has seriously re-invented himself so many times,... and most importantly - Successfully - the only other artist who got it right so many times is Madonna - though I am a bit weary of what is ahead in her case!

So we are today talking Ch..Ch.. Ch... Changes....

and taking a look at our favourite Celebrity makeovers of the year that has just left us - 2016

Emma Stone

With La La Land riding so high at the moment we just had to start with Ms. Stone!

Like we weren't already obsessed enough she goes and cuts the cutest pixie cut on the cover of November Vogue! channeling Mia Farrow and a definite 60s vibe. You then started to shuffle the magazine to realize she had been styled in various decades of glamour in the shoot by Mert and Marcus.

and then, oh hold on - it's a wig!! (got us fooled)

Michelle Obama

Lobs were everywhere in 2016 ... everyone had a bit of a go - and if you haven't gone for that or a Midi yet, no worries - they are here to stay through 2017 too!

But when the first lady takes the plunge, well everyone stands in attention. Dignified as ever Mrs. Obama Killed her final White House looks with a centre parted sleek look by stylist Johnny Wright which complemented the floral number - Yaas Queen.

Jennifer Lawrence

She was actually one of the first to go for a serious chop and go for the lob, so perhaps it is no wonder that by the time everyone else caught up, J-Law was tired of it, sporting a fresh set of long extensions she wowed at the premiere of Passengers in November.

Celine Dion

Ok, now Celine Dion is not one to get much of a nod for style, but apart from her mega chop in the 90s, its been wavy locks for the last decade or so.

So taking the chop last year was bound to make us notice, but when you debut the change at Stand Up to Cancer paired with a slogan T-Shirt: 'My Loved Ones #Reasons2standUp ' after her tragic loss of her husband and manager Rene Angelil to throat cancer - one can only applaud.

Halle Berry

What is it with Halle Berry? How does she always look great in no matter what hairstyle is thrown at her. In 2016 this sharp razored bob with a wispy fringe married with caramel lights was just magic - Modern Exotic Chic!

Kirsten Dunst

So you go for the lob, and what do most people do after that... they start growing their hair again (I still don't get it) - not unless you are Kirsten Dunst. After sporting the lob for a bit she takes off a couple more inches and turns it into a super blunt yet cute bob, that accentuates her face shape. The baby lights and wavy locks keeps her looking youthful and dynamic - she's Dunst it again! (I really had to)

Christina Hendricks

The Mad Men Sex Pot ditched her Red hair (which she had for some 20 years!) and went back to basics to her more natural blonde hue. I guess nowadays its all very mmhmmm..... Nice n' Easy

Nicole Kidman

Back in February Nicole Kidman had us in awe with her brand new look at the Berlin film festival.

Out to promote her film Queen of the desert (not the one with the 3 drag queens) she looked elegant in this lob and the honey hues compliment her skin tone so well... definitely our favourite from the last few years.

Anne Hathaway

No matter what she does, somehow Anne Hathaway will always be Mia from the Princess diaries,Andrea from Devil Wears Prada, etc etc... so when she flirted with the Ombre look it was a bit ..Meh - A return to her luscious dark rich tones was very much welcomed at the beginning of Autumn, welcome back Andrea, sorry Ms. Hathaway

Emma Roberts

We got to love her in American Horror Story - but there is nothing horror about Ms. Roberts' style choices, and last year she showed us she can rock a red tone just like Moma!

James Franco

And finally.....we just could not let this slide by....

When this bomb was dropped on his Instagram one could only hope that this look was only temporary!

the caption: 'Only in America...Riff Raff (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon' referring to the fued with the Riff Raff following the similarity with the rapper and Franco's chracter Alien in the movie Spring Breakers...

...and yes thankfully it was temporary.

It still gets our award of worst makeover of 2016.

But you know we love you James :)


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