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Baby-Boom!!: Pregnancy and Colouring your Hair.

Someone once said there are a few milestones in life.... Of course you get your first birthday.... jump to your sweet sixteen...that 18th birthday party... followed swiftly by the 21st.... next you know you are creeping to your 30s!! - It actually does move quite fast looking back... While all of this is happening to you, your friends and counter-parts are going through the same thing... so the next thing you know those weird in-built alarms go off:

Number One : 'The I need to get Married Alarm!'

It really does seem that all of a sudden you do get in-undated with wedding invites... and as much as celebrating such occasions with friends is great, having about 5 of them a year - and in different countries - can be quite time-consuming and pocket-busting!

Alarm Number Two: 'I need to have a Baby Alarm!'

Broody is quite weird seeing your friends who never had a crumb of maternity showing through them all of a sudden change into this wannabe-incubating-creature! - and it does seem to spread like a virus too... one starts, and they all start popping.... a bit like a zombie movie.... but with better skin!

So, I have clearly got to the point when your friends get Broody.... but it seems like it has not stopped at my friends, we are having a serious baby-boom with our clients too! - that of course has to do mostly with the age bracket of our customers.

Inevitably you will get THE BIG QUESTION - 'What am I going to do with my Colour??'

That is an extremely fair question - because there is some serious confusion out there on the subject.

It seems to me that common knowledge nowadays is - 'YOU GET PREGNANT - YOU STOP DYING YOUR HAIR'

Now as statistically the age-group of women choosing (I'll stress on the choosing bit) to have a baby has gotten older, it is safe to say that 'some' grey hairs are bound to be present.

This also means that with 9 months of non-dying plus the old dye at the ends of your hair you may be somewhat gleaming and radiant - but your hair is certainly not blooming - what is worse - It is the product of some old wives' tale!

......and here it goes - directly from the NHS:

'The chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. Most research, although limited, shows that it’s safe to colour your hair while pregnant.

Some studies have found that very high doses of the chemicals in hair dyes may cause harm. However, these doses are massive compared to the very low amount of chemicals a woman is exposed to when colouring her hair.'

However, we do understand being a bit wary when you are growing that little one and wanting to make sure everything is in order - it is of course only natural. And for that reason it is nice to have options too...

So we set out to find an alternative - AMMONIA-FREE COLOUR.....Well, it is actually much more than simply a non-ammonia colour system.

Straight from the labs in Milan comes - a colouring system that is not only permanent and Ammonia-Free but also free of the Chemicals one is likely to be allergic to.

The product gives rich, silky and shiny results (with Keratin and Argan Oil incorporated), while giving total client comfort - with no un-pleasant smells and sensation free!

You may recognise Charlie from our Makeover series a few weeks back - this colour was done exclusively with Ammonia-Free Colour.

  • 0% Amonia

  • 0% PPDs

  • 0% Resorcinol

  • with Keratin and Argan Oil

  • with Anti-Age Micro Emulsion Complex (for deep colour penetration and longer lasting results)

Absolute Permanent Colour was created from a revolutionary process where the traditional functions of Ammonia, Resorcinol and PPD's are wholly replaced with the HGL system, a state-of-the-art formulation constructed from a new generation of components and active ingredients such as Plant Extracts and Heligionol, which reduce Colour Loss and protect the hair. While Essential Oils help nourish and hydrate your hair to add luminosity and shine.

The arrival of a little one is always a cause for celebration,..let us just not let them take over our hair too, while they take the rest of our body! ;-)

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