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A few manic weeks

We have been busy busy busy.... and as they say time flies when you are having fun. Yes we have worked hard but it was also fun...

SO while you may (or not) have realised that the rants slowed down we were keeping ourselves with very much our hands full!

So much has happened the last month...

Firstly, it was very much time for a re-vamp, and when you want to do that with a brand it takes just a little bit more than simply going to buy an outfit and a bit of grooming!

New images were essential.... so it was photo shoot time!

Castings over, models chosen, date set..... GO!

The usual suspects (that would be our creative team) were at it again. Thanks to our lovely models: Anita, Brendan, Devora and Katja who were all a pleasure to work with........ #happydays

Anita and photographer Edgar Brambis. (

By the end of it all we were exhausted but happy!... and just as you would have thought it was time for a well deserved break and putting your feet up, that was definitely not the case! - the next day we were at the yearly amazing but crazy hairdressing Industry Mecca that is Salon International.

It was a pleasure to catch-up with the peeps at True Keratin.

With Salon International a wrap it now really was time for a well deserved down-time day.

But from the next day it was all back to the usual swing of things.......THEN THIS HAPPENED:

The lovely Sherrie Hewson popped by for a tweak to her colour.

Probably best known for playing Maureen Holdsworth on the popular soap Coronation Street, In 2003 she joined the fabulously ranting ITV lunchtime chat show that is Loose Women and as of 2013 is now the longest serving panelist on the show.

I always knew I should be on that show,...

So while we were still getting our heads round Sherrie Hewson popping by, we get called up to give another celeb a bit of a tweak, this time it was the inspiring current X-Factor reigning Queen: Sam Bailey.

Thanks to @makeupbymikey .for the image.

So a lot went through in camp HCC the last few weeks.... and if that was not enough, we decided to not just up-date the images on our web-site, but create a whole brand-spanking new one!!

take a look at:

Till the next rant...


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