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Which Hair Trend will you choose when salons re-open?

It's a tough one at the moment, how are you holding up?.... and how are your tresses doing?

It may sound like a bit of a cliche - but yes things are gonna get much better - hopefully very soon.

At Hair Colour Studio we are determined to stay focused, so with that in mind we were not gonna let the hair trends pass us by like that just because we are currently socially limited!

So as is customary (though perhaps about a month later than usual) we have put together the best Hair Colour Trends you should be getting excited about for the new year!

Warm Tones

This is a trend that is truly born out of a pandemic! As this year our visits to the salon have been limited our colours were not at their tip-top freshest all the time, so some colours faded, some did not get re-freshed as often as we would have liked.

All this gives way to our natural red tones to come through (the darker the hair the more red tones one will have) of course we didn't have much more choice than embracing them unless we were ready at a (possibly disastrous) home job. So just like that warm tones got the approval from us all...

Browns come with Chocolate and Caramel hues - A Balayage is great for that !

While Blondes are most certainly Golden, Buttery or Honey toned.

The trend also compliments very well the 70s trend that is in fashion all-round at the moment...

who's ready to do the bump on that dancefloor Henny?

Pink Hair (again) 🙄

There always is a trend that just over stays it's welcome - and pink is just one of them.

It started a couple of years ago now, though with the first lockdown (which I don't know if you feel the same but just feels like Eons away) came a barrage of celebs taking in the fun hue because well... they pretty much had nothing better to do - yes I'm looking at you Madonna.

And with Rebel Wilson and Jessica Biel amongst the new alumni of the pink fraternity it doesn't look like this is going away anytime soon.

The saving grace is that as crazy as it sounds this is a trend that can be quite versatile because you can go hot neon pink, but you can equally just add a pinkish hue to your caramel brown, or just top it on your tired balayage of yesteryear.

The up-keep is difficult depending on the tone you choose - of course the paler and more pastel tones tend to be a nightmare as they fade quickly... however when you are tired of it the colour tends to fade into a lovely warm creamy blonde


We all had an obsession with the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit at some point during a lock down or another. The styling was so good the story lines empowering, but what was really giving us life was that hot red bob that screamed: 'I ain't taking no shit from nobody..... and I'll look cute while doing that too! ' - Now if that's not a winner I do not know what is! - Checkmate - Mate!

Mulled Wine

Yes this feels like it should be a December trend.... but I am writing this while it is snowing outside... and you know what - I totally could do with a glass of mulled wine... so I think the trend is well and truly still very much viable. If you have dark hair and suit deeper earthy tones this can be a real show stopper. It is also quite lock down proof as dark roots will also look great in this. Definitely not for people with a lot of grey hairs though as it will enhance them.

Crystals Inspiration

We all need positive energy right now, and whether you choose to believe in the power of crystals in our daily life or not one can never deny that they are pretty objects to look at , so why not turn that pretty into our hair too!

Now this is not a trend for the faint hearted - with lots of mineral tones that are not exactly natural tones for hair - and most of these would be an up-keep logistical nightmare, so at HCS we put together the more wearable hues of the trend.

Rose Quartz






It's been called everything under the sun, for us at HCSa few years back this was contouring, it recently became 'the money piece' , then ring-lighting (coming from having a ring light during zoom calls etc) - it is now being called a face-framing balayage.

We've been advocates for this forever so chances are if you've been at HCS you've had some variant of this ...and that's one variant we will happily spread!

Question remains .... which one will you choose once the salons re-open?

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