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The must-have hair styles of 2022

Happy New Year!

This was another weird New Year's Eve wasn't it?... but let's say at least it was still a step up from last year...wasn't it?

The ever-optimist in me will always try to see the positive side to everything, though the last year or so can even dent the biggest fan of lady positivity.. but past the Winter Solstice I always think - things are gonna get better - days will get longer, I think to myself: the sun will eventually make an appearance (followed by - Hurry the F@!K up!) and everything feels a little bit better...

With a New Year setting in one thing that always makes us feel better is a new look! It is a known fact that during this transitional time people do crave a good change - and what better way than getting a totally new do! whether with a good chop or a brave new colour change.

At Hair Colour Studio we love a good shake-up - and here is a round-up of the hottest lewks you should be considering!

70s Shag

In our previous blog we did mention that 70s blonde hair colour trend which is so hot right now - well if you want to fully embrace your disco queen saint tropez chic look you can go for the full fat version and marry it with a 70s shag..

With lots layers giving the style lots of movement - you are looking at a style that is crying for a wind machine .... Farah Fawcett who?

80s volume

Let's go up a decade.... the decade of cheesey music and perms, were big was most certainly the prerequisite! If you already have curly hair this should really be your go to for the season.

Of course there will always be the scary moment of going for a fringe and curly hair so make sure you do find a stylist that is well versed with your locks... as from cool 80s fringe to a carnation on your forehead is in fact a very fine line!

The Mullet

And just when you thought we were done with the retro looks here comes the Mullet...

This really is no surprise as the mullet has been hanging on the side lines for quite sometime now... about a year ago though you could just see it springing up in any somewhat trends edgy bar you headed into... and as always that always translates into the masses a year or so later... all you need at that point is a celeb to cement its popularity and here comes Miley... and Voila' the Mullet is back!

Of course the new mullet is not quite just a recreation of the one from yesteryear but it is a little bit updated, slightly softer and with much more movement.

Now we really do believe this trend is never going to have any global domination... especially if you are old enough to remember the horror of the aftermath that this style can leave behind... so by all means all you edgy types: enjoy it , embrace it - but please do not hand it over to anyone that cannot carry it off - and that is about 98.9% of the entire world population...

The Power Bob

Bobs are always around. But if you are considering the chop, the power bob should be the shape you are considering.... especially if you want to look like you mean business!

In reality we could consider this as another bit of a retro look too, as if you put on a power jacket to go with this you are looking at that early 90s look that became rather iconic on the Versace catwalks with the Supermodels of the era...

This style will always work very well with a symmetrical face - and as sleek really does work best here, somewhat straight hair will make your life easy - or consider a keratin treatment to make your life easy with blow drying.

Bottleneck bangs

If you fancy a fringe- this is the must-have look for your face-framing look...

Yes as always this is just a new fancy word for something that has been around for a while - but who does not love a new buzz word?

As the name does suggest this fringe takes inspiration by the shape of a bottle so narrow in the middle and gets wider as you go further down... the result is soft around the middle section of the fringe getting longer and chunkier around the eyes heading to the cheekbones...

Pixie Cut

If you are ready to go even bolder perhaps the pixie cut is for you.

This of course is not for the faint-hearted and you most certainly need to be sure before going for such a chop. Just when you thought we were done with decades and retro styles we go even further back to the 60s with the style that was made so famous by Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

Make sure you find a good stylist that will really go into the cut and cut more into it to give you plenty of texture and movement.

And if you are a somewhat more mature lady remember that this is a great cut to go short but interesting rather than a provincial boyish cut.... if Dame Judy can do it - so can you!.... just remember a good hair product such as a wax or a putty is essential to define these hairstyles.

Till the next round up x

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