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The Hottest footballers of World Cup 2018

So where do we even start with this!

It's not too difficult to like (lust) a footballer, their fitness is pretty much at peak...they tend to dress well and be well groomed... and yes they do not always quite get it right in the hair department... but really, do we care? (no need to answer that!)

So here is a round up of the hottest at this year's World Cup final....

Starting with a portuguese man...

... alot of people would expect Cristiano Ronaldo, but during the very first Portugal match against Spain the portuguese no.7 was very much over-shadowed by this cute (and younger version) ...

Andre Silva

The Portuguese team left pretty early, to catch more of Andre you will need to start watching Italy's serieA tournament where he plays for AC Milan.

Yann Sommer

If you would have thought tennis player Rafael Nadal somehow ended up in the Swiss post you would be totally excused, the look-alike is Swiss goalie Yann Sommer..

And apart from being an all round cutie - he also can cook... as you can see in his regular blog of healthy meals!

Rurik Gilason

There were plenty of man buns on the pitch this World Cup, but rocking a man bun is one thing, rocking it with a chisled face like this is another:

..and if the man bun and those cheek bones was not enough, he can even sing!

Keisuke Honda

also known as Emperor Keisuke, apart from his skills on the field he is well-known for his impeccable dress sense, practically a pop star in his own country! - we get it...

and as much as the blonde barnet was not that on point, we will forgive him - we'll pretend it's just world cup fever!

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Watching the England team on screen all you could see is Loftus-Cheek the sheer size of this guy is impressive.

He's aparently an all-round nice guy from South London apparently single, though he has been linked with 2017 love island contestant Amber Davies who said in an interview:

“He’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. He's absolute bae, he's been carved by an angel."

No idea what she's talking about.... but more importantly... look at that barbeque!

Duje Caleta-Car

Ok It may be painful to talk about anything Croatian at the moment....

But I'm sure we can look at Duje Caleta-Car

....we'll leave it at that,...

Ramadan Sobhi

Egypt is indeed a HOT HOT place...and to be honest there were a couple of players we could have chosen from this national squad, but we chose Ramadan.... well for obvious reasons I reckon...

and If you wanna see more of Ramadan he plays for Huddersfield United here in the UK

Theo Hernandez

Full name Theo Bernard Francois Hernandez ..... known simply as Theo is the French defender that also plays for Real Madrid... He got into some controversy on his 20th birthday after images of him partying in Spain posing with some dwarves in real madrid kits holding him at gunpoint (as you do) leaked the internet...

His cute good looks will totally help to forgive him for that one... and if you still can'y forgive him, oh look!

His brother is hot too!

Let's finish off this round up with another one that left the competition early....

Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez

Fondly known as Isco, is considered to be one of the hottest mid-fielders around.... not sure in which sense we wanna take that... I'll leave it to you to decide......

If you wanna see more of Isco you can head to his Instagram:

and join his over 15 million followers....


Hope you enjoyed this little round-up and gave you a bit of a break... because today REAAALLYY

feels like a Monday! (Man-Candy should be mandatory on Mondays!)

We'll have another round up in 4 years!

and now ciao and #teamFrance


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