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Summer Style without the heat.

So, who is enjoying the sunshine?

We all are, the sun, the drinks in the sun.....We love the sunshine, but we all love moaning about the heat! While you are having a winge about it, think about your poor hair... it is hot... and on top of that we give it even more heat! whether it is with a hair dryer, straightening irons or a hot curl, we give it heat over drive on a hot day!...To look HOT!

Imagine getting out of a sauna you want to cool down and instead you are propped by Satan's fork down to hell...

So how about some clever ways to deal with this heat without giving your hair more heat than it is already feeling...

Of course the top knot will always be the real winner here, but how to turn the humble bun into a Cinderella story to make your messy mane into a crowning glory?

The secret lies in preparation, and no I am not talking about going all downward dog for your hair - but products, products, products.

Get ready some texturising spray, a hair elastic and hair pins.

Start by spraying the hair to give it some proper grit, brush it through to distribute the product evenly. Follow that by creating a high ponytail secure it with the elastic and try to get all the loose hairs in - get the shorter ones out of the way with the hairpins (unless you want a slightly more dishevelled look).

Take the length of the ponytails down to the base and wrap around, secure it with the hairpins, and finish off with a good dose of hairspray.

But what if you do not fancy your hair up? How to become a master at air-drying?

Without sounding like a broken record it is all about the products.

If you have curly or wavy hair you want to be looking at leave-in creams or conditioners...

We love the versatility of True Keratin's leave-in Creme.

A lot of our clients already know this product, and we sometimes find it hard to keep the stock levels up on this one, and that probably lies in the product's flexibility.

Used as a blow-dry creme, it helps you with styling your hair while adding moisture, elasticity, radiance and shine and in the process making your blow dry last longer.

While for you curly/wavy ones out there it can also be used as a great leave-in to boost and tame curls without making them heavy or crunchy.

Air drying curly hair? One should look no further than twist drying!

twist your hair on your finger, taking small sections if you are after quite a textured look, or big sections for more tousled waves.

We love Colour Wow's Dreamcoat for Curly hair.

favoured by celebrity stylist Chris Appleton this is really the go to product for curly hair, light-weight yet still powerful, this spray boasts the combined benefits of creams, gels and serums all in one, delivering hydrated locks without the greasiness or crunchiness - perfect for air-drying.

Colour Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair is alcohol-free. Its blended polymers work to moisture, condition and de-frizz locks while restoring volume and elasticity and ensuring flexible, manageable curls that go the distance.

And Dream Coat comes in a straight version too, helping your blow dry last longer while being one of the best anti-humidity products around.

Now, if you are so hot that you can't be bothered with all that... how about some sleepy styling?

This is for the really lazy ones.

before sleeping run a serum through your hair and section it in at least 4 (imagine a hot cross bun at the top of your head) plait the sections down, and secure them.

You can opt for more sections even up to 8, (6 at the back and 2 at the front) Keep them loose if you want a beachy boho wave, or tighter for more disco diva come Shakira! Once you wake up release them run your fingers through and finish with a putty or serum to tame the ends.

Or like we love doing at the salon create a cocktail! - not a Mojito but a hair product cocktail...

For finishing off curls we love mixing a serum with a putty giving you both shine and hold...

we love Maria Nila's 'Gneiss' Molding paste

As always Maria Nila products are 100% Vegan, Anti-cruelty and super Eco. This molding paste is light but still gives a good hold while leaving fullness and does not weigh down.

Cute as pie...

or wherever , whenever!..... choice is yours!

and lastly....

Hydrate that body too!

Drink plenty of water!


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