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Lockdown hair care - it's not too late!

So a whole year has passed since we had our first lockdown, and what a roller coaster of emotions that has been!

We started with thinking it was a 3 week break - and we were all for it!.... little did we know!

Just like us our hair has been faced with all kinds of changes and the need to adapt to new situations.

Lockdown found us dealing with our hair a little less.

Our plenty- a- pyjama days meant we were washing our hair less, which for people who do not have a greasy disposition that is quite ok as it gives the hair time to get some of the natural oils it normally (may not) get.

Of course the flip-side to this is if you have greasy hair naturally, keeping the sebum glands to behave is nearly impossible, so if you really wanted to be lazy with it but still needed to get on that dreaded zoom call it was a hat or a scarf or a band day.

One thing lockdowns definitely gave us was a lot of time on our hands, and it looks as though a lot of you did put that time to good use, as research shows that there was a dramatic increase in online sales of hair care products in the UK during the pandemic.

Masks and treatments reigned supreme with the major proportion of that statistic going straight to the hair care section. Followed closely (and not surprisingly) by root touch up sprays - the quick- fix zoom-ready friend we all had a flirt or a full-blown affair with!

Some of us who may have had Covid-19 during this pandemic may have experienced some hair loss.

Studies are showing that this is quite a common reaction to the Corona Virus, though it is not an immediate reaction as it tends to trigger this around 4 months after infection. If you do contract the virus it would be a good idea to instantly go to hair strengthening ranges such as Wella's Nioxin to give your hair a much needed boost.

With a range that tackles hair loss for all possible categories it is easy to find the right one for you, the numbers of the system correlate to the type of hair (eg, fine, coloured, natural etc etc) - your stylist will always be able to guide you which one is the right fit for your hair/condition.

The general stress of a pandemic, and your life turned upside down overnight did not help our tresses either! Stress causes our Cortisol levels to elevate. This stress hormone sends signals prioritising what the body needs to survive, and as hair will not be in the 'essential' list, it is given the 'cold-shoulder', This means that the hair follicles could be shut down by the body itself when it is in 'survival mode'.

Some of us may have noticed that no matter how less we were styling our hair with heat products it still was feeling dry and brittle during lockdown. The answer to that was that as much the hair was getting less heat, we were spending a lot more time in doors... in central heating!

I know! we just can't win!

Often, a by - product of this will end up being a flaky scalp, which can also be triggered by stress - so if with everything going on in the world you have managed to avoid this - consider yourself lucky!

If you are suffering from a flaky, itchy scalp it is worth looking into some deep cleansing shampoos to start with.

Let's not forget when we are washing our hair, in reality what we really are doing is washing our scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy hair, which is also why hair supplements can be great as you are treating the hair from within.

A persistent flaky scalp may need something more medicated shampoo to tackle what could be fungal infections, or a more serious case of psoriasis.

Unfortunately these medicated shampoos tend to be quite harsh and people who regularly dye their hair will find that these products tend to strip colour. Thankfully Maria Nila have come to the rescue wit the amazing 'Heal' Shampoo (and Conditioner) range, which does what it says on the tin.

The range ,tackles scalp issues as well as hair loss while still having the company's famed 'Colour-guard complex' as well as remaining a moisture-full product for the hair itself while tough on cleansing the scalp - the perfect balance!

I know it is easy to just spend a year in a top knot - but as comfortable and easy as it is, it can be quite a catalyst to breakage. Now I of course am not talking about a ban on top knots, but it is a good idea to change things - go for a low pony, wear a band , a scraf...etc etc... this will help your hair not to get the same treatment constantly and possibly stress it in the same position constantly.... and yes every now and then just let it all hang out!

Brush your hair everyday to help prevent the hair from tangling. Brushing also stimulates the scalp, promoting blood flow to the follicles which has many positive benefits.

Now if you have been reading this post and realised you have not treated your hair at all during this lockdown and you are feeling guilty - GOOD, you should be!

Head to those bathroom cabinets were you've got those masks you bought, that olaplex that is till waiting for you since yesteryear... and slap it on!

Your stylist will only thank you for preparing your hair for that first coveted first visit!

Talking about Olaplex - the family continues to grow as they have announced No.8 is on the way! (I feel like I should ask if it's a boy or a girl!)

The Bond Intense moisture mask is promising some serious nourishing action - 2 x the shine, and more body.

Apparently this is meant to be the final piece of the Olaplex puzzle, which does make sense as the previous treatment (No.3) is in fact a bond multiplier which strengthens the hair, but its' function is not to add moisture - and that is exactly where the No.8 takes over.

The No.8 is not available yet in the UK, but we hope to have it by the time we re-open on the 12th of April.

As we get closer to lockdown getting lifted, I just hope I won't be needing to write another lockdown related blog post ever again..... like Ever Ever.....

Stay Safe, Stay well x

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