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Lockdown 2.0 - Care to Hair the Natural way?

November 2020, and we are not quite where we would like to be!

Lockdown version 2.0 was hardly on our Xmas wish-list, and abiding by the rules certainly is not easy but we are all doing our best to pull through and get rid of this second wave.

...and talking about waves, with Hair Salons closed for the next few weeks, lockdown does present the perfect opportunity to reconcile with your natural texture.

But with most of us having to deal with zoom calls on a regular basis while working from home, how can you make sure you are more curly goddess than Guurl what's zat?

Curls and natural texture in general need to be handled as minimally as possible during styling to reduce frizz. Gentle scrunch drying is a good way to do it, but your best friend should most certainly be the diffuser .

The Diffuser really is an under-rated piece of technology - the bowl-shaped attachment disperses the air flow from the hair dryer, helping dry your curls more evenly and gently, helping the curl's definition while reducing frizz.

If you have curly hair and do not own one, do yourself a favour and get one now - you'll thank me later!

When talking to curly clients at the salon we always get the same question asked: 'How do I keep the curl looking good after the first sleep?'

....and that is a legitimate question because curls do get a bit messy when we go to sleep, especially if you are not a person who sleeps still! A loose braid can work wonders to keep a curl intact and can give you a slight variation to the curl of yesterday..

But refreshing yesterday's curl is easier than one thinks, good curls are all about moisture, so refreshing those curls in-between washes can simply be done with a water spray..., just imagine you are a plant, you can even talk to it if you like...

Just spritz your hair until it's damp, then scrunch gently to kick-start it's natural texture once again - finish up with a spray , serum or putty - depending on the desired finish and texture.

Quite often the 3 can be used at the same time too. Mixing the putty and the serum gives you hold and shine at the same time, but it is important to do that slowly, not to overload the hair - start with small amounts and then add if needed.

Once you are happy with the way it looks, lock it in with a hair spray.

Products and curly or textured hair need to go hand in hand - it really is a case of you can't have results without them - unless you are one of those few that have been kissed by the curly gods of Mount Olympus of course. (Did you ever notice they all had curly hair?)

With a little bit more time on our hands during this lockdown, this should be a great time to be treating your hair while you are at home working (or not) - maybe it is time to get into that bathroom closet and go through the many products that you bought through the years, used a couple of times and forgot about them..

We have another 3 weeks of being locked in - you have been quite diligent with your time for the sake of your work, so why not do the same with your hair - set some times to include treating your hair, you'll not only be doing something good for your hair - but also freeing up space and de-cluttering that bathroom cabinet! - WIN WIN I say! ...... Now where is that small bottle of Olaplex.......

If your hair is somewhat limp and your wave/curl does not have much definition Sea Salt and a diffuser can really create a little miracle.

Just like your hair behaving well on holiday a sea salt spray is great to get a bit more body and grit into hair that needs a bit of help on the texture front.

We love Salty Mist from Maria Nila.

....and one last thing - yes, we are on lockdown but this second one feels a bit different, doesn't it?

It's a bit less lazy jog pants slobby sofa kind of thing.... so why not take it a step further and accessorize those curls too - there are some great options out there from hair bands, bows, blingy hair clips to hair jewels..

The best thing is online shopping is still an option.

Happy Shopping!


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