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Keratin: A Brazilian Story

It's been a few good years now since the miracle worker that is the Brazilian blow-dry, the most exciting thing since the hair-dryer, was on everyone's lips...and heads!

Then of course came the whole media HOOha over the ingredient: Formaldehyde and everyone went FORMA-MENTAL! - clients would be asking what was the percentage, if it had any, or worried how dangerous it was if they had it done already....were they gonna drop down and die!?! - basically scaremongering at it's best - which I always find this country excels at beyond any other European country!

So as everyone was worrying over those formaldehyde fumes (which let's face it - it is the hair stylist that really needed to worry about breathing them in , rather than the client - hot air rises...remember?) the EU throws in an acceptable maximum amount of formaldehyde in the product itself which was of course a lot less than the original ones that made it to our shores - and everyone was ready to breathe happier!

...But of course, that was not the case.....

Roll on a few months later - and those same clients who were worrying if they would be a victim of death by formaldehyde were complaining that 'it didn't work this time!' or, 'It isn't as good as it used to be!' .

They were right!...because while everyone was more than happy to jump onto the formaldehyde sensationalism band-wagon they clearly did not foresee that lowering the amount of formaldehyde also meant weakening the product subsequently making it less effective!

In the last 2 years or so, we tried a multitudes of Brazilian Smoothing systems...still within those EU directives of the amount of formaldehyde , and some even 100% formaldehyde-free,

We settled on a couple of brands with only natural and certified organic ingredients used in their haircare products. The fruits, herbs, oils and keratin used have been carefully sourced from trusted suppliers who are also opposed to animal testing and are all environment-friendly

Even better, one of the brands - True Keratin comes with a range of products that support your treatment, which not only includes the must-have sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners but also the amazing Moroccan Miracle range of Argan Oil and Keratin leave-In cremes, Oils and mists.

But the winning product to keep your 'brazilian-ed' hair in even more amazing condition is the Post-Treatment Masque from True Keratin ...whether one has had a Keratin treatment or not! with results expected from very first application - this is an all-year-round must have!

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