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Autumn 2020: Colour trends round up.

It's nothing new really, we all of a sudden start scrambling for the fluffy jumpers, start with a light jacket, maybe a silk scarf? Next thing you know the central heating is going up and oh look maybe it's time to dig out the puffa jacket afterall!

Autumn always seems to hit us when we least expect it, but as much as I love the warm weather and all things summer, as a Colourist there isn't a more exciting time than Autumn, and that is all thanks to the exciting hues that come with the season.

Of course warm tones always prevail during the season (which is probably why I personally enjoy it so much) and most of us statistically really do like to have a bit of a change when the seasons change, but our favourite time for a change is in fact around these autumn months.

So let's get the ball rolling on the Autumn shades that will tickle your fancy this year!

But we will start with the boring one!

Block Brown

As up-beat as we are, of course these Corona-times had to rear it's ugly head and do a number on us that screams practicality! Yes we were in Lockdown for a while and some were more comfortable than others to head to the salon which sparked a need of less obvious roots - so here comes the Block Brown trend.

But who said that block brown has to be boring? There are some great shades to consider if you want to go down this route:

Red Velvet

If you are not one that wants to play it safe you can't go any further away than boring then with this gorgeous rick Red Velvet hue. This tone really should come with caution though as it is a difficult shade to pull off. It suits people who are either very pale or very dark, anyone with an olive complexion needs to stay far far away from this 'deceivingly' warm tone.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde is going to be huge this season! blondes tend to get a bit warmer in Autumn , but this is starting to look like a social revolution as these blondes look so much more sophisticated and classy than the vibrant yellow or icy white tones.

The great news is this mix or dark and light brown /blonde tones works with ever skin tone.

Of course the hardcore ash lovers will always say it wont suit them anyway...


Talking about the ash lovers, if you are one of them - this is certainly one for you!

The name of this trend leaves a bit to be desired, making it probably (or at least verbally) the least appealing of the lot - let's face it it's taken after a fungus! - but Mushroom hair is a big one this season for all those that are not lovers of warm hues in their hair.

Caramel Mocha

...and back to warm tones with a gorgeous yummy tones of Caramel Mocha. These tones are great for people with dark hair looking at creating some striking warm dimension. These hues again can work on most skin tones.

Fiery Copper

Of course you can not have an Autumn-time colour round up without having some Copper tones.

Anyone who knows us well, will know that at Hair Colour Studio we love our coppers - here are some shades of the perennial autumn colour we are obsessing about:

I think I need a Pumpkin Spice Latte after this..

till next time


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