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All things Mexico - What hair?

Anyone out there with a slight eye for fashion would by now have realized that all that aztec and peruvian stuff has gone a little bit further up on the global map..... and has moved to Mexico.

Yes, everything Mexican is taking the place of our south american designs...from pretty embroidered dresses for the girls, to funky Mexican skulls inspired by dias de los muertos (day of the dead) for the boys.....and the girls too really!

The Jewellery too is taking in the fiesta vibe - it's gonna be chunky funky - and most absolutely BRIGHT!!

But with all this trend... how are we going to emulate that sexy senorita look without going horribly Ugly Betty?

Of course the style can be paired up with boho waves.

However if you really want to go for the whole Mexico vibe, why not look at probably the most iconic of Mexican women of all time - Frida Kahlo.

The Mexican artist was born on July 6th 1907 in Coyocan, a suburb in Mexico City. She is considered to be one of Mexico's greatest artist, and started painting after a severe injury during a near fatal bus accident.

Admired by many for her strength and resilience the Surrealist artist's look - brave yet elegant is also a strong symbol of feminism.

Keep the hair simple with the braids, or dress it all up - grab one of the many amazing head-pieces available out there or get creative with fresh flowers and pieces of material braided into the hair!

For more style references take a look at the movie 'Frida', where Kahlo is played by Penelope Cruz. HCC.

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