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permanent striaghtening IHR London kings cross




Straight hair is definitely having a major comeback.

Designers have sent models down the runway and the A-listers are taking on the super straight and super long Cher look too!

The idea of keeping your curly or wavey hair straight in London or the Uk in general when you tend to have 4 seasons in one day though is pretty daunting..... unless it is straightened that is!

We love IHR (Ionic Hair Retexturising) treatment.


Naturally frizzy, dehydrated curly hair is transformed into straight silky and seriously easy to manage hair. A quick domestic blow-dry is all one needs for smooth hair post-treatment, making the treatment  also a lot healthier than the constant attack of hair straighteners on the hair!

The treatment is of course a chemical one, but with it's ionising system causes no damage to the hair while creating the best result  possible. It is not just a hair straightening, it is entirely different from any other similar product available on the market.​

So how does it work?

The procedure re-texturises the hair using it's own positive and negative ions, a bit like erasing it's memory and starting all-over again. But as opposed to your regular straightening does not dehydrate the hair, and is most likely to improve the quality of the hair.

Positive and negative ions exist in most substances. They are small particles that gather around an object. Through restructuring the ion cluster of water, the procedure allows water molecules to penetrate into the core of each hair. As a result, the hair is  re-hydrated as well as reconditioned in each treatment, locking moisture into the hair and giving a result that is very natural looking, and full of vitality.

The Treatment cannot be done on bleached or high-lighted (using bleach) hair.


Our stylists have years of experience with this procedure and one must always have a consultation to check the suitability of the hair prior to an appointment.

Can be paired with Olaplex for optimum results.

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