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Who doesn't want thick voluminous hair?

Sadly we are not all blessed with that naturally, but it does not mean that one can't have it. 

Extensions have been around for a while now. Here at Hair Colour Studio we use Great Lengths hair extensions for years. With over 20 years experience in the industry Great lengths are the go to company for beautiful top quality hair. The Cold fusion method we use in-salon is a damage free system with no heat or glue. The Wax and Keratin polymer used is attached to your own hair using ultra-sonic vibrations.

The secret of reducing damage is to take care of your new hair by brushing regularly and making sure they are free of entanglement (which is what can cause damage) Our clients who follow this simple golden rule enjoy a set of hair extensions for a good 4-5 months, depending on hair growth/length.

Come in for a free consultation to discover how even you can have the hair you desire. The Hair that is 100% you.

Come see us for a free consultation

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